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Social Studies

study for the test

Stable Food Supply Enough food to feed a civilization without running out The civilization was able to last for awhile, showing that they had enough food to feed a civilization
Government A system that keeps order, mostly run by higher class citizens Cowrie shells were used as Armor in the military, showing that they had a military and someone to lead this military and that person had to be a higher class and a leader to the civilization
System of Writting A way of communication that could be recorded or written down Diviners in the Shang Dynasty would use Oracle Bones to read Fortunes
Art and Architecture a way of expressing emotion through painting, sculptures and buildings Craftspeople created Bronze, the best medal, so they have an advantage in war because they have bronze weapons and shields
Technology A creation of new tools that make life easier The military used armor made of shells because they were durable, they also had blacksmiths to make bronze weapons and china.
Social Structure A system that classifies citizens by their money and power over other people Only certain people could use bronze or even own bronze because of it's value, showing that people of the higher class were allowed to use certain valuable things.
Religion A belief in one or many gods and gives a civilization a certain faith to follow As a part of a ritual burial, Chinese kings would bury several hundred humans and horses to accompany them in the afterlife
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