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Chapter 2

Quality Assurance and Legal Issues

Assault An act or thtreat causing one to be in fear of.
Battery Intentional and/ or offensive touching
Civil Action Legal actions in which the alleged party sues for monetary damages.
Delta Check Compares current result with previous result on the same test on the same patient.
Expressed Consent Required for surgey,experimental treatments or high risk procedures,usually a written consent.
Implied Consent Patient's actions imply consent without verbal verbal or written expression.
JCAHO Joint Commission; Agency responsible for establishing standards of operation for healthcare facilities and services.
Negligence Failure to exercise "due care".
QA Quality Assurance; a program that guarantees quality patient care by tracking outcomes through reviews for the appropriateness, applicability and timeliness of patient care.
QC Quality Control; the use of checks and controls on every operational procedure as a means of controlling the quality of results.
QI Quality Improvement; Healthcare facilities area required by JHACO to search for ways to improve health delivery processes that involve patient care, safety and satisfaction.
Respondeat Superior "Let the master respond" ; the employer is liable for employee actions.
Tort Civil wrong, intentional or unintentional, that is commited against a person, propety or reputation.
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