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Punic Wars/Caesar

After the Punic Wars and into the time of Empire, ___________________ gained more and more power because their armies were more loyal to them than to the state. generals
What the Romans called Gaul, we call. . . . France
What is a civil war? a war in which groups of people FROM THE SAME COUNTRY fight against each other
political group formed by Crassus, Pompey, and Julius Caesar in 60 B.C. the First Triumvirate
When Caesar returned to Roman territory with his army in 49 B.C., it was considered an act of war against Rome because the Senate had ordered him to come to Rome without his army
What is a dictator? an absolute ruler
How did Julius Caesar die? stabbed to death by a group of Senators
When did Julius Caesar die? March 15, 44 B.C.
Which English playwright wrote a play about Julius Caesar? William Shakespeare
Which river was the official boundary between Rome and the provinces? Rubicon River
Today, what phrase means " to make a decision from which there is no turning back"? cross the Rubicon
For about a decade after Julius Caesar's death, there were many _____________ in Rome. civil wars
Name the members of the Second Triumvirate. Octavian Caesar, Marc Antony, Marcus Lepidus
The next dictator of Rome after Julius Caesar was _______________. Octavian or Augustus
Julius Caesar's nephew changed his own name to_______________. Augustus
Augustus means: the exalted one, or the majestic one
Augustus strengthened Rome's ____________, making them even more feared than before. armies
The armies of Rome protected the __________________ by keeping out invaders. borders
During the reign of Augustus, many of Rome's buildings were rebuilt using which material? marble
The Punic Wars were fought between these two powers.... Rome and Carthage
When did the Punic Wars take place? 264 --146 B.C.
What new device allowed Roman soldiers to board enemy ships more easily in order to fight hand to hand? swinging gangplank
3 things that contributed to the improvement in trade: good roads, a common money system, protection of the Roman army
Stone structures built using arches with trenches at the top, built by the Romans to bring water from the countryside into the cities aqueducts
Most famous Carthaginian general from the Second Punic War Hannibal
Hannibal crossed the ______________ to attack the Romans on the Italian peninsula. Alps
What did the Romans finally do to get the Carthaginian army to leave Italy during the second war? attacked Carthage so that the Carthaginian armies would leave Rome to defend their homeland
The Third Punic War involved the siege of which city? Carthage
After a long siege, what happened to the population of Carthage? 80% were killed (200,000); the rest made slaves (50,000)
What did the Romans do to the city of Carthage? totally destroyed it; burned it to the ground
Rome dominated the region around the ________________________ for centuries after the defeat of Carthage. Mediterranean
Latin name for Spain: Hispania
Modern-day name of country where Carthage was located: Tunisia
Carthage was located in the northern part of which continent? Africa
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