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Upshur chapter 14

World History Since 1500 Upshur chapter 14

Which of the following statements about non-Turkish peoples of the Ottoman Empire under the Young Turks is false? none of these choices
In its Balfour Declaration of 1917, the British government announced that it "viewed with favor" the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine.
Which of the following statements about the French in the Middle East is false? They had very amicable relations with their Syrian subjects.
Britain granted Egypt limited independence under a constitutional monarchy in 1922
In the years immediately before Israeli independence, Palestine was the site of a three-way struggle among the British, Palestinians, and Zionists.
After World War I, the country led by a monarchy based on tradition and puritanical Islamic law was Saudi Arabia.
Ataturk did all of the following except preserve the Sultanate and the Caliphate as executive branches within a parliamentary constitutional state.
Which of the following statements about Reza Khan is false? In contrast to Ataturk, he did not amass a huge personal fortune.
Which of the following statements about Saudi Arabia is false? Its political development was very similar to that of Iran and Turkey.
An example of a successful African revolt against European domination was none of these choices
This was not part of Britain's sphere of influence after World War I Syria
This was the least important interest of the British in the Arab world in 1919. religious interest
After World War I, France controlled Syria
The resistance movement in Morocco was led by Muhammad Abd al-Krim
Dr. W.E.B. DuBois all of these choices
Which of the following statements about white rule in South Africa is false? none of these choices
The Mexican Revolution was essentially over by 1920.
The constitution established in Mexico in 1917 all of these choices
Programs that resembled those of the New Deal in the United States were implemented by Lázaro Cárdenas in Mexico.
The British in India all of these choices
By 1945, the Indian population stood at 400 million.
Which of the following did not occur by the provisions of the British "Government of India Act" (1919)? India was guaranteed independence within twenty years.
The Indian National Congress was organized in 1885 primarily as an education association.
Mohandas K. Gandhi was influenced by all of the following except Sartre's existential philosophy
Gandhi first began to apply his particular interpretation of passive resistance to organize effective Indian opposition to white South African discrimination.
Which of the following statements about Gandhi's famous "Salt March" is false? It was designed to spread knowledge of a new technology for extracting salt from sea water.
As a result of Gandhi's activities, this became the symbol of the Indian Nationalist Movement: a spinning wheel
Which of the following statements about Gandhi is false? He advocated an end to untouchability.
Which of the following statements about Muhammad Ali Jinnah is false? He enthusiastically endorsed Gandhi's policies of passive disobedience.
The Indian National Congress responded to the British call for India to join the British effort in the Second World War by demanding full independence
Jawaharlal Nehru was the first prime minister of India.
Which of the following statements about the independence movement in Indonesia is false? Sukarno advocated a policy of close cooperation with the Dutch to secure independence gradually.
Which of the following succeeded in gaining independence before World War II? none of these choices
Which of the following statements about Sun Yat-sen is false? His "Three Principles" were Nationalism, Communism, and Industry.
Chiang Kai-shek built up a modern army and defeated the Chinese warlords (1925-1927).
Support for the Chinese Communists came primarily from Peasants
Mao thought the peasants were the key to successful Marxist revolutions in underdeveloped countries
As regards Japanese aggression against China after 1932, all of these choices
Between 1928 and 1937, the Nationalist government in China instituted law codes that gave equality to women
As regards influence of Christian missions in China, it is true that missionaries opened schools to girls and sought to end harmful customs such as foot-binding.
In Russia between 1861 and 1900, the peasant population increased more than 50 percent.
In Russia between 1905 and 1914, the tsar issued the October Manifesto which created an elected legislature, although with limited powers.
In Russia during World War I, Gregory Rasputin exercised great influence over the Empress Alexandra.
Which of the following statements about Russia in 1917 is false? Soldiers fired on and killed thousands of demonstrating workers
The Germans allowed Lenin to return to Russia because they hoped he would cause trouble inside Russia
Nicholas II was a part of the Romanov dynasty
Trotsky was the first person in charge of foreign affairs in the Soviet Union.
During the civil war following the Bolshevik revolution, Russia's communists did not have to contend militarily with none of these choices
Which of the following statements about the Bolshevik takeover in Russia is false? Kerensky himself was executed by Bolshevik troops.
Domestic measures take by the Communists in the 1920s included all of the following except adoption of a tolerant attitude toward all other political parties.
Domestic enemies of the Communists included all of these choices
As regards problems faced by the Bolsheviks, all of these choices
Opposed to the Bolsheviks in Russia in 1918 were all of these choices
Lenin was induced to make an ideological retreat in 1921 by a mutiny of sailors at Kronstadt.
Which of the following statements is false in regard to Stalin's economic measures? he acknowledged that incremental capitalism was necessary for full recovery.
This scientist's experiments showed that radium lost weight as it gave off radiant energy and that mass was being converted into energy. Marie Curie
This scientist insisted that all physical phenomena were not absolute, independent entities, but were relative to one another and that the basic nature of anything was determined by its relationships to other things Albert Einstein
For Einstein, the fourth dimension was time
According to Einstein, gravity can affect light
Which of the following statements about biology in the twentieth century is false? none of these choices
Margaret Mead is perhaps best known for her observations of how young people grow up in South Pacific island societies.
Which of the following statements about Sigmund Freud is false? He was an exponent of Pavlovian behaviorism
This disciple of Freud saw an aggressive urge to achieve superiority as the central human motivation and explained many psychological problems as the result of "inferiority complexes." Alfred Adler
Behaviorists such as B.F. Skinner contend that free will is a delusion and that human conduct is shaped by the external environment.
Frederick Taylor is known for showing where improvements could be made in factories and offices through time studies.
Between 1913 and 1970, the number of cars on American roads increased by over a hundred million.
In the twentieth century, effective vaccines were developed for all of the following except Alzheimer's disease.
Not among the post-World War II advances in weaponry is multi-engine bombing plane
Yuri Gagarin was the first to orbit the earth.
As regards the "managerial revolution," all of these choices
In the West, this sector of the economy saw the greatest growth in the second half of the twentieth century. service
A "conglomerate" brings producers in a broad spectrum of different fields under a single corporate umbrella.
Which of the following statements about the part played by government in twentieth-century economic life is false? none of these choices
World population in the twentieth century increased by about 3.5 billion
The goal of welfare legislation has been to provide all of these choices
Which of the following statements about education is false? Four-fifths of South Americans go to secondary school.
In terms of their status and role, today women comprise almost of the work force in western Europe, the United States, Japan, and Taiwan.
By 1900, women in which of the following countries had the right to vote? Australia and New Zealand
Octavio Paz felt the models of modern development were "compendiums of horror."
Contemporary philosophers have given comparatively little attention to mystical revelation.
The effect of secularism in politics has been to foster separation of church and state
This pragmatist's instrumentalism saw ideas as tools, means to an end, valid if and to the extent they worked in society John Dewey
Existentialists trace the roots of their world view to such nineteenth-century thinkers as Nietzsche
In the twentieth century, religion was most important to conservatives
As regards the conflict between religious traditionalists and modernizers, all of these choices
The nineteenth-century ideology that had the greatest impact in the twentieth century was nationalism
Which of the following statements about the interests and themes of modern artists is false? none of these choices
Paul Gauguin's art exemplifies a vision of traditional societies heavily colored by Orientalism
British sculptor Henry Moore is best known for his semi-abstract sculptural depictions of the human figure
Léopold Sédar Senghor led the nationalist movement in Senegal.
The literary movement celebrating "the sum total of the values of the African world" is known as negritude
Among the rhythms and dances originating in Latin America or the Caribbean was all of these choices
Among the singers or musicians who have addressed political controversies and thereby helped to fuel the social protest by youth in the later half of the twentieth century was Bob Marley