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chapter 4

oste (word root) bone
chodr (word root) cartilage
itis (suffix) inflamation
hypo (prefix) low, under
glyc (word root) sugar, glucose
lysis (suffix) breakdown
cyst (word root) bladder
hepat (word root) liver
neur (word root) nerve
hem (word root) blood
stasis (suffix) stoping, controlling, standing
leuk (word root) white
penia (suffix) deficiency
thromb (word root) = clot
osis (suffix) abnormal condition
vas (word root) vessel
constriction narrowing
arteri (word root) artery
scler (word root) hard
spasm (suffix) twitch, involuntary muscle movement
pathy (suffix) disease
electr (suffix) electricity
cardi (word root) heart
gram (suffix) recording or writing
lip (word root) fat
ase (suffix) enzyme
poly (suffix) many, much
cyt (word root) cell
hyper (suffix) too much, high
natr (word root) sodium
emia (suffix) blood condition
nephr or ren (word root) kidney
my (word root) muscle
algia (suffix) pain
glycolysis the breakdown or metabolism of glucose (blood sugar) by blood cells.
alveoli tiny airsacs in the lungs where the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide takes place.
cyctitis inflamation of the bladder.
hepatitis liver inflamation
nephritis inflamation of the kidneys
neuritis inflamation of the nerves
hemostasis process by wich the body stops the leakage of blood after an injury known as coagulation
leukopenia an abnormal/decrease of white blood cells in the circulatory blood
Thrombosis The formation or presence of a blood clot in a blood vessel.
vasoconstriction constricted blood vessels
arteriosclerosis condition of hard arteries
arteriospasm a reflex (involuntary) contraction of the artery that can be caused by pain or irritation during needle penetration of the artery muscle or result from a patient's anxiety during arterial punture.
arteriopathy disease of the arteries
arteritis inflamation of the arteries
electrocardiogram (ECG of EKG) and actual record of the electrical currants corresponding to each event in the heart muscle contraction.
lipase digestive enzyme secreted by the pancreas. (fat)
polycythemia a disorder involving overproduction of red blood cells.
ovum (singular) ova (plural)
erythrocyte sedimentation rate ESR
postprandial PP
white blood cell WBC
urinary tract infection UTI
aer (word root) air
myalgia muscle pain
Prefix A prefix is placed at the beginning of a word to modify or change its meaning.
Suffix The ending part of a word that modifies the meaning of the word.
Word Root central part of a word.
Combining Vowel/Forms a vowel that is added between two word roots and a suffix to make a pronunciation easier.
MSO4 on the "do not use" list.
IU on the "do not use" list.
NPO nothing by mouth
erythrocyte medical term for red blood cell.
atria the plural form for of atrium.
CLSI organizations that writes guidelines for laboratory practices.
ACO the law that was designed to make health insurance more portable and accountable.
the prefix of the word antiseptic means? against
If phlebotomy program decides to become nationally approved, it would contact which organization? NAACLS
PPD purified protein derivative
venule small vein
thrombocyte the medical term for platelet.
cephal head



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