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chapter 3 & 4

Wich of the following situations involves an HAI A patient in ICU has an incision that becomes infected
Reverse isolation may be used for A patient with severe burns
The single most important means of preventing the spread of infection is. Proper hand antiseptics
The most frequently occuring lab-aquired infetion is. Hepatitis B
In the event of a body fluid splash to the eyes the victim should immediately flush eyes with water for 10 min.
Safe working conditions are mandated by OSHA
A globally harmonized singnal word signifies the severity of a hazard faced.
The most common HAI pathogen is Clostridium Difficile (C-Diff)
Infectiious agent, Susceptible host and Reservoir are all Terms used to identify components of the chain of infection.
In the NFPA 704 marking system, health hazards are indicated in the blue quadrant on the left.
One of the newest challanges in antibiotic resistanceis methicillin-resistant Straphylococcus aureus
Holistic comes from the greek word Holos, wich means to heal
electric fire is a class C (carbon diaxide & dry chemical)
Kitchen fire, potassium based class K
OSHA HazCom Standards to protect employees who may be exposed to hazardous chemicals.
Nosocomial infections (HAI newer term)patient infections acquired in hospitals.
Radiation exposure principles distance, shielding and time.
standard precautions What isolation precautions require hand-washing before leaving the room
CLSI guidelines on uniforms pants should be 1 to 1.5 inches off the floor. Lab coats should not be worn on breaks or non-patient areas or outside
N-95 respirator to be used when airborne infections agents less than 5ums remain infective for long periods of time.
Pathogen related to health care OSHA regulations designed to protect employees exposure incidents.(OSHA Blood Born Pathogen Standard).
Pre-employment health screening HBV,MMR vaccinations and TB testing.
HBV vaccinations 3 equal intramuscular injections. Does not contain a live virus.
Blood-borne pathogen exposure (BBP) term applied to infectious microorganisms in the blood or other body fluids.
Permucosal exposure through the mucous membranes of the mouth and nose and the conjunctive of the eyes.
RACE: Rescue, Alarm, Confine and Extinguish
PASS: pull pin, aim nozzle, squeeze trigger and sweep nozzle
Proper order to apply PPE: gown, mask or respirator, goggles or face shiels then gloves
Steps following a needlestick: carefully remove any objects embedded in the wound then wash with soap and water for a minimum of 30 sec.
Isolation precautions different types: standard,airborne , droplet and contact
How to flush eyes after a body fluid splash press the right side of the basin then stream of water forces cups from nozzle and lower eyes to stream and wash until clear.
Labeling for hazardous chemicals per HazCom exclamation = toxicity, lame over circle = oxidizers, gas cylinder = gases and skull & bones = acute toxicity
How to remove PPE: glovesthen goggles or face shields then gown lastly mask
Severe external bleeding, the steps to control it and the first aid procedures. apply direct pressure to the wound till the ems arrive. and use cloth or gauze adding additional material if bleeding continues.
A Prefix comes before a word root and modifies it's meening.
Which part of gastr/ o/enter/o/logy is the suffix? logy
which one of the following organizations writes guidelines for laboratory practices. CLSI
algia Pain
The plural form form of atrium is atria
Erythrocyte The medical term for red blood cell.
Cystitis means inflamation of the bladder
NPO nothing by mouth
Abbreviation on the Joint Commission's "Do Not Use" list. IU
The "e" is prononced separately in diastole, synscope and systole
Prefix The word element establishes the basic meaning of a medical term.
To what part of the body does the word cephal refer? Head
Which part of the word pericarditis is the word root? cardi
What does the suffix -lysis mean? Breakdown
The plural form of Ovum is? ova
The singular form of atria is? Atrium
The medical term for platelet is? Thrombocyte
Venule means small vein
kidney inflamation Nephritis
ESR erythrocyte sedimentation rate
RBC red blood cell
PPD purified protein derivative
Which of the following abbreviation is on the joint commision current "Do Not Us" list. MSO4
The prefix of the word antiseptic means against
The law that was designed to make health insurance more portable and accountable is ACO
If a phlebotomy program decides to become nationally approved, it would contact which organization? NAACLS