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A bleeding time test is used for: Evaluation of platelet function.
What is a normal bleeding time result? 5 minutes
Which tests are required for neonatal screening? PKU and Thyroid Testing
The glucose tolerence test is used to evaluate : Hypoglycemia, Diabetes Mellitus, and Gestational Diabetes
Which tube color is designed especially for glucose collection? Gray
What is the proper protocol for collection of arterial blood gases? Collect from the artery, collected in heparinized syringe; transport on ice.
The cold agglutinin antibody is made in response to a form of pneumonia caused by which bacteria? Mycoplasma pneumoniae
The clinical condition in which bacteria enter the bloodstream is known as: Septicemia
What are the appropriate collection devices to use when performing blood culture collection? Yellow top SPS tube and Blood Culture Bottles
Proper incubation temperature for cold agglutinin specimen is: 37 F
When culture bottles are prepared for inoculation with the patient sample, the bottles should be: Cleansed with alcohol followed by betadine scrub
Therapeutic phlebotomy is not performed for treatment of which condition? Anemia
Blood collection during therapeutic phlebotomy is: Discarded after collection.
When a peripheral blood smear is prepared, you DO NOT Make the smear one minute after placing the blood on the slide.
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