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Ethics - Unit 13

Respect for the Gift of Sexuality

fidelity Marital faithfulness between husbands and wives that requires reserving all sexual activity and affection for each other and also asks couples to be loyal to each other through good times and bad
fecundity The ability to produce offspring, a gift proper to marriage, which can allow a husband and wife to participate with God in the creation of new life
infertility The physical incapacity of a female or male to cooperate with God's creative power in conceiving a child
adultery Sexual intercourse between a man and woman who are married to other people (or intercourse between an unmarried person and a married person)
divorce The dissolution of a marriage contract under civil law
polygamy The practice of having more than one spouse
incest Sexual intimacy between relatives or in-laws
free unions Extended relationships where couples refuse to have their commitment formalized or sanctioned by law
modesty A subset of the virtue of temperance that applies to how a person speaks, dresses, and conducts himself or herself; it is related to the virtue of purity and protects the intimate center of a person by refusing to unveil what should remain hidden
masturbation The deliberate stimulation of the genitals to obtain solitary sexual pleasure and is contrary to the virtue of chastity
fornication Sexual intercourse engaged in by an unmarried male and female
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