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Ethics - Unit 11

Love for God

covenant The strongest possible pledge and agreement between two parties
voluntary doubt The decision to ignore or a refusal to believe what God has revealed or what the Church teaches
incredulity A mental disposition that either neglects revealed truth or willfully refuses to assent to it
heresy Outright denial by a baptized person of some essential truth about God and faith that we must believe
apostasy The total rejection of Jesus Christ (and the Christian faith) by a baptized Christian
schism Refusal to submit to the pope's authority or remain in union with members of the Catholic Church
idolatry The worship of false gods
divination Attempts to unveil what God wants hidden by calling up demonic powers; consulting horoscopes, the stars, or mediums; palm reading, etc.
sacrilege Profane or unworthy treatment of the sacraments; other liturgical actions; and persons, places, and things consecrated to God
simony The buying or selling of spiritual goods
humanism A belief that deifies humanity and human potential to the exclusion of any belief in or reliance on God
materialism A belief that the physical, material world is the only reality, and that spiritual existence, values, and faith are illusions
blasphemy Hateful, defiant, reproachful thoughts, words, or acts against God, Jesus, his Church, the saints, or holy things
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