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Born Unit 12

What nations are in the axis power? Germany, Italy, Soviet Union
Which nation rose to be the strongest and wealthiest in Asia? Japan
Term means to give in to an aggressor to avoid war. Appeasement
Which country of those listed did not be listed in the Tripartite Act? Russia
What is Neutrality Act? Stays neutral to outlaws weapon sales to any nation at war.
Germany invaded which nation to start WW2? Poland
Remember in Chronological Order! Lend lease act Pearl Harbor D- Day Atomic Bomb
A person who benefited from the the fair employment act would be most appreciative? A Phillip Randolph
Battle of Atlantic? Secured supplied lines in the Atlantic
The program the oversaw the development of war equipment? War production board
Executive order 9066? Moved Japanese Americans to internimate camps
War bonds, Victory gardens, & Rosie the riveder were ways citizens did what? Helped the war effort at home
Battle of Midway? Turned tied for the war of US
Battle of D- Day? The largest military advancement in history
General MacAuthor strategy around Japan mainland was called_____. Island Hopping
The Harlem Renaissance? Artistic movement for black people
Greatest economic crises in history? The Great Depression
The last German attempt to retake France? The buldge
The term for suicide Japanese coats? Kamikaze
The project initiated by FDR developed atomic bombs. Manhattan Project
Lightening War= ? Blitzkrieg
At the Yalta Conference, the axis powers must _____ and the League of Nations is replaces by the United Nations Surrender
The allied commander ( Operation Overlord ) Isienhower
The allied commander ( Pacific ) MacAuthor
Conference when the big 3 was created? Yalta Conference
Truman issued the ______ declaration gave japan the option to surrender. Potsdam
FDR plan to try to end Great Depression? The New Deal
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