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MT 3 Quiz

Oral Quiz 5-6

TermMeaning of the rootMeaning of the suffix
adenectomy aden-: gland ectomy: removal, excision
adenoma aden-: gland -oma: tumor, neoplasm
aerated aer-: air -ate: acted upon or being in a (specified) state
aeroneurosis aer-: air -osis: condition, abnormal condition
angiotomy angi-: vessel tomy: incision, cutting
angitis angi-: vessel -itis: inflammation
arthralgia arthr-: joint -algia: pain
arthritis arthr-: joint -itis: inflammation
blepharedema blephar-: eyelid -edema: swelling resulting from an excessive accumulation of serous fluid in the tissues of the body in (specified) locations
blepharoplasty blephar-: eyelid -plasty: surgical correction, plastic repair of
phonocardiography cardi-: heart phon-: voice; speech -graphy: writing or recording
electrocardiogram cardi-: heart electr-: Electricity / -gram: written; recorded
cerebral cerebr-: brain, cerebrum -al: pertaining to
cerebromalacia cerebr-: brain, cerebrum -malacia: softening
cephalic cephal-: head -ic: denoting of, pertaining to.
cephalitis cephal-: head -itis: inflammation
cervical cervic-: neck -al: pertaining to
cervicectomy cervic-: neck ectomy: removal, excision
cheilitis cheil-: lips -itis: inflammation
cheilosis cheil-: lips -osis: condition, abnormal condition
chiromegaly chir-: hand -megaly: enlargement
cholecystogram chole-: bile, gall cyst-: sac of fluid, cyst, urinary bladder -gram: written; recorded
chondrofibroma chondr-: cartilage fibr-: fiber / -oma: tumor, neoplasm
costophrenic cost-: rib -phrenic: diaphragm or adjacent regions of the body
cranial carni-: skull -al: pertaining to
craniotomy carni-: skull tomy: incision, cutting
cystoscope cyst-: sac of fluid, cyst, urinary blader -scope: instrument for viewing or examining
Created by: Priscilla0
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