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Chap. 32 Sec.1-5

Chapter 32 Sec. 1-5

What was the non-aggression pact? An agreement in which nations promise not to attack one another
What was blitzkrieg? "lightning war" - a form of warfare in which surprise attacks with fast-moving airplanes are followed by massive attacks with infantry Forces.
Who was Winston Churchill? New british prime minister during WW2, he had declared that his nation would never give in.
What was the attack on Pearl Harbor? The attack on Pearl Harbor was a surprise military strike by the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service against the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Territory, on the morning of December 7, 1941.
What was the Battle of Midway? a 1942 sea and air battle in ww2, in which American forces defeated Japanese forces in the central pacific.
What was the Battle of Guadalcanal? a 1942–1943 battle of World War II, in which Allied troops drove Japanese forces from the Pacific island of Guadalcanal.
What were Ghettos? city neighborhoods in which European Jews were forced to live.
What was the "Final solution"? Hitler’s program of systematically killing the entire Jewish people.
What is genocide? the systematic killing of an entire people.
What were the Nuremberg Laws? Laws were passed in Germany called the Nuremberg Laws, which allowed for legal discrimination & terrorism against Jews. Examples: Jews were stripped of German citizenship (could no longer vote)
What happened in concentration camps? Thousands of Jews were transported to work camps around Poland, Austria, and Germany to work as slave labor for the Nazis
What was D-day? June 6, 1944—the day on which the Allies began their invasion of the European mainland during World War II.
What was the Battle of Stalingrad? a 1942–1943 battle of World War II, in which German forces were defeated in their attempt to capture the city of Stalingrad in the Soviet Union.
Who were the Kamikazes? during World War II, Japanese suicide pilots trained to sink Allied ships by crashing bomb-filled planes into them.
What was the result of WW2? The Allies had won World War II. The war literally ended with a bang and no country has used the atomic bomb since Nagasaki. Peace would be short lived, however as tensions with the Soviet Union were on the rise which would begin the Cold War.
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