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GSE Unit 10 Vocabula

GSE Unit 10 Vocabulary Quiz #1

Aborigines term for the indigenous peoples of the Australian continent; Torres Strait Islanders are another aboriginal distinction
Cook, James English captain who claimed Australia for the British Empire in 1770
nomadic traveling from place to place in search of food, water, etc.
small pox virulent disease, transmitted via European migration, which decimated the Aboriginal populations of Australia and the Americas
parliament common name given to the legislature in a parliamentary democracy
parliamentary democracy form of representative government in which citizens elect legislators and entrust these legislators to select the nation’s chief executive
prime minister title often given to the head of government in a parliamentary democracy
province/territory political divisions like states
literate able to read and write in one’s native language
literacy rate the percent of a nation’s population over the age of 15 who are able to read and write
Created by: jpkelley