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Unit 5 Agriculture

What is agriculture? Growing a crop or raising animals for human use
Agricultural Revolution? When people deliberately started raising crops and animals for food and other purposes
Cultivation? Preparing, planting, caring for, and harvesting a plant crop
Domestication? Modifying a plant or animal species to make through selective breeding so that species is dependent on humans
Subsistence Agriculture? Farmers growing crops for their family
Commercial Agriculture? Crops that are grown for sale off the farm
Wheat? Southwest Asia
Rice? East Asia
Coconut? Southeast Asia
Coffee? Sub-Saharan
Second Agricultural Revolution? When people started using machines for farming
When did the Second Agricultural Revolution occur? Second half of the 19th century
How does Climate influence Agriculture Variation? Presents a range of choices for crops that are suited for different climates
How does Wealth influence Ag. Variation? Expands choices of machinery, irrigation, and the style of farming
How does Culture influence Ag. Variation? Food taboos and choices made based on custom, religion, etc.
Pastoral Nomadism? Subsistence Ag. that is based on the herding of domesticated animals
5 Major Types of Ag. in Developing Regions? Pastoral Nomadism, Shifting Cultivation, Intensive Subsistence (Rice), Intensive Subsistence (Other Crops), Plantation Farming,
Shifting Cultivation? People shifting activity from one field to another using Slash and Burn and Fallow Field methods.
Slash and Burn Method? Clearing a field and burning the brush
Fallow Fields? Fields that are farmed for a short time, then left to be not grown on for many years
Intensive Subsistence (Other Crops) Used when the climate is too cold or dry for rice, so farmers grow something else.
Intensive Subsistence (Definition) When farmers use a lot of effort to make sure they can grow as much of a crop as possible on a parcel of land
4 Steps in Rice Growing? Field Prep (plowed using water buffalo or oxen), Flooding Fields. Transplanting, and Harvesting
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