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Unit 5: Agriculture

Growing a crop or raising animals for human use agriculture
When people started deliberately raising plants or animals for our use agricultural revolution
Caring for and harvesting a plant crop cultivation
Changing a plant or animal through selective breeding so that it becomes dependent upon humans domestication
Where is the hearth for potatoes? Latin America
What are the major hearths for plant crops Latin America, Southwest Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, East Asia, Southeast Asia
Where is the hearth for wheat Southwest Asia
Where is the hearth for rice East Asia
Where is the hearth for coconuts? Southeast Asia
Where is the hearth for cofee Sub-Saharan Africa
The production of food in order to provide for the farmer and his family Subsistence Agriculture
The production of food primarily for sale off of the farm Commercial Agriculture
Type of Agriculture using more machines and larger farms Commercial Agriculture
Type of Agriculture using less machines and smaller farms Subsistence Agriculture
The big change in the second agricultural revolution The use of more machines in agriculture
When was the second agricultural revolution Early 1800s and into the 20th century
Result of being a developed country More machine availability, more commercial farming
Result of being a developing country Less machine availability, more subsistence farming
Three factors affecting agricultural diffusion Culture, wealth, and climate
How does culture affect agricultural diffusion? Certain food taboos, culture, religion, and tradition may affect the agriculture used
How does wealth affect agricultural diffusion? With more wealth comes a larger choice of machinery, crops, and land
How does climate affect agricultural diffusion? Certain climates could make it easier or more difficult to raise a crop or animal in that area, therefore influencing the choice of agriculture
5 Major Types of Agriculture in Developing Regions Pastoral Nomadism, shifting cultivation, intensive subsistence (rice), intensive subsistence (other crops), plantation
A form of subsistence agriculture based on the herding of domesticated animals Pastoral Nomadism
A form of subsistence agriculture in which people shift activity from one field to another (slash n burn and fallow fields) Shifting Cultivation
A form of subsistence agriculture in which farmers expend a relatively large amount of effort to produce the maximum feasible yield from a parcel of land. (using as much land as possible to farm) Intensive Subsistence Agriculture
A large commercial farm that specializes in one or two crops Plantation
6 Types of Agriculture in Developed Regions Mixed Crop and Livestock, dairy farming, commercial gardening and fruit farming, grain farming, Mediterranean agriculture, and livestock ranching
Most common form of farming in Eastern US and most of Europe, integration of crop and livestock raising. Most crops are used to feed animals rather than humans, most land is used for crops. Crop rotation is practiced. Mixed Crop and Livestock
Predominant along the Eastern Coast, this type of agriculture is sometimes called truck farming. Fruits and vegetables are grown. Commercial gardening and fruit farming
Predominant in the Northeast and the Great Lakes region, along with northern Europe, this type of agriculture is often concentrated near big cities. They take advantage of cows, however not usually for their meat. Dairy Farming
As opposed to Mixed Crop and Livestock farming, this type of agriculture takes advantage of grain and grows it for human consumption. They sell output to manufacturers of food products, and the most important crops are: wheat, barley, corn, and millet. Grain Farming
Growing of crops such as grapes and olives in a certain climate region, some places share this climate and landscape type.
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