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Which way do lines of latitude run? Right to left or left to right
What is the highest latitude line degree? 90 degrees
What is 0 degrees latitude called? The Equator
Which way do lines of longitude run? up and down or down and up
What is 0 degrees longitude called? The Prime Meridian
What is the highest longitude lines can go? 180 degrees
What is the 180 degrees longitude line called? The International Dateline
How many zones of latitude are on the Earth? 3
What are the zones of latitude called? Tropical zones, Temperate zones, Frigid zones
What is a Political Map? A map that displays colored states, countries, or boundaries.
What is a Physical Map? A map that show landforms, mountain ranges, or bodies of water.
What is a Compass Rose? The pointer that describe which way is north, south, east, and west.
What is a scale on a map? It measures distance on a map.
Early man was said to had started in Africa and migrated to the Americas using what from Alaska? Bering Strait
The Mesopotamians started the first written language known as ___. Cuneiform
When Hammurabi came to power, he wrote a set of laws for the land called the______. Code of Hammurabi
What were huge pyramid like structures that took years to build? Ziggurats
The ___were the second civilization that occurred in the Middle East. Egyptians
What were the leaders of the Egyptian people and they were worshipped as gods? Pharaoh
The Egyptians constructed _____to honor their Pharaohs and have their riches and remains left to rest in peace. pyramids
From the written language, the Egyptians started picture writings known as__________. hieroglyphics
The most dominant religion in India is_____________. Hinduism
Hinduism started with the religious beliefs of the ________________who lived in the Indus River Valley. Aryan people
Hinduism is a religion with many gods, it is considered a ________. polytheist religion
In India, every Hindu is traditionally a member of a _____, or a lifelong social group into which he or she is born. Caste system
Egyptians were also very religious and believed in the_______. afterlife
This time was when the Earth was breaking apart and the Bering Strait stretched from Asia to North America making a land bridge for early people to cross? Beringia
What is known as the worship of many gods in a religion? polytheism
What was known as the water source of Egypt which is also the longest river in the world? The Nile River
What were the sources to the civilization of Mesopotamia? The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
In ancient Egypt, those responsible for using hieroglyphics to record important information and maintain records were called _________. scribes
Who is the 1st Egyptian Pharaoh that was a women that took control after her husband died, and rule greatly in trade and was an era of peace in the Egypt? Hatshepsut
What "god" was the Pharaoh of Egypt part of which made the people of Egypt believe that they were loyal to him? Horus the god of the sky
What was the name of Hammurabi's law of the region? The code of Hammurabi
Known as the Fertile Crescent, this place is also known as the land between the two rivers, what is it called? Mesopotamia
Early man was said to had started in _______ and migrated to ___________using the Bering Strait from Alaska. North Africa, North America
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