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Quiz # (3)

Medical Terminology

Afebrile No fever
Arrhythmia No heart rhythm
Atrophy No growth or development process
Anesthesia No feeling
Bradycardia Slow heart rate
Tachycardia Fast heart rate
Contraindication against recommendation
Cyanosis Condition of blueness
Apnea No breathing
Dyspnea Difficult or painful breathing
Dystrophy Difficult or painful growth or development process
Dysuria Difficult or painful urination
Euphoria Exaggerated good mood
Dysphoria Difficult or painful mood
Hypergastric over stomach
Epigastric above or upon stomach
Hyperglycemia High blood sugar
Hypoglycemia Low blood sugar
Hypertension High blood pressure
Hypotension Low blood pressure
Lithosis Condition of stones
Dermatosis Condition of skin
Melanoma Black new growth
Necrosis Condition of death
Polyuria excessive urination
sclerosis condition of hardening
Anterior Front
Posterior Back
decubitus lying down
Distal Movement farthest from the point of attachment
Inferior Below
Superior above
Proximal Movement closest to the point of attachment
quadrants four divisions of the abdomen
Transverse across or through
abscess collection of bacteria in surface
Acute sudden onset, severe symptoms, short term
Chronic Slow onset, sneaky symptoms, Long term
Adhesion Scar tissue
Anomaly Peculiar process
Communicable contagious
Congenital born with
hereditary conceived with
Edema swelling or fluid in tissue
Embolus any kind of clot that is free floating
Thrombus bloot clot that is stationary
etiology p/p of the scientific study of cause
exacerbation worsening of symptoms
Homeostasis maintenance of internal balance at rest
Iatrogenic side effect
Idiopathic No known cause
Ischemia insufficient blood and oxygen going to the tissue
Lumen opening to a hollow tube or organ
Patent not blocked
Perforation hole
purulent bacterial
Remission symptoms stop temporarily
bulla any clear fluid filled skin lesion
vesicle any clear fluid filled skin lesion
cellulitis potentially fatal inflammation of subcutaneous and connective tissue
contusion bruise with no break in the skin
Ecchymosis condition of bruise due to a break in the skin
Erythema Redness
Impetigo contagious staph skin condition
laceration cut or tear in skin
macule any flat discolored skin lesion
Papule any raised discolored skin lesion
Nevus Birthmark or mole
Pediculosis communicable condition of lice
Pruritus itching
pustule bacteria filled skin
scabies communicable mite infestation
Tinea communicable fungal skin infection
Urticaria raised itching welt
Verruca wart
Created by: happykitten23