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unit 5 study guide

why did Europe become a feudal society ? People were suspicious of outsiders , fearing stranger are trying to find a way to attack them.
what emperor is often credited for developing feudalism ? the King and his family
what was the goal of the first holy war ? what pope called the first crusade? An effort to take Jerusalem from the Muslims . Urban II
Who fought in the Holy Wars ? What land were they fight over ? Christian and Muslims . Jerusalem.
What came about as a result of the crusades ? the idea that religious wars were pleasing to God caused the bloodshed and persecution of small minority groups in Europe.
What three things brought about the Renaissance ? thriving cities , art , and classic heritage of Greece and Rome
What classic were reborn during the Renaissance ? Greece and Rome.
What was a Renaissance man ? A person with many talents or areas of knowledge.
Leonardo Da Vinci Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, Annunciation.
Michelangelo David , The Creation Of Adam, Doni Tondo
Raphael The school Of Athens, The Marriage Of The Virgin , La Velata
Donatello Saint Mark,The feast Of Herod, Saint George
Why was Johannes Gutenberg's printing press a revolutionary invention? What was the most popular book printed ? because it made the mass production of printed materials possible, and lead to much wider dissemination of knowledge. The Holy Bible.
What were Martin Luther's Principles on salvation? What was his belief regarding the bible verse church policy? salvation by grace alone is through faith alone. Upheld the Bible as the sole source of religious truth , he denied other authorities .
What was the basic idea of John Calvin's religious doctrine? regarded the Bible as the only source of religious truth. predestination the idea God had long ago determined who would gain salvation. people who tried to live like saints , believing that only those who were saved could live christian life.
Why did the protestants want to reform the Catholic church ? Because of corruption in the Catholic Church, some people saw a need to change the way it worked. The Protestant reformation triggered the Catholic Counter-Reformation.
What were the terms of the Concordat of worms ? The church appoints the Bishop and popes . Emperor could veto appointment.
What were the terms of the council of Trent ? to put back the church in order.
What two branches of Christianity came about as a result of the reformation period?
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