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WWII The Middle

V-E Day Victory in Europe
Yalta Conference Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt discuss the end of the war
D-Day The Day things get done, the Allies begin the liberation of France
Stalingrad Hitler's invasion of the USSR stopped here
Dwight Eisenhower American General who was responsible for victories in Africa
Aircraft Carrier ships that transport planes
Rosie the Riveter A symbol of how women helped the war effort at home
Bataan Death March Japanese murder several hundred American soldiers on this 65 mile death march
Douglas MacArthur U.S. General who was responsible for winning the war in the Pacific
Island hopping U.S. campaign to regain islands in the pacific held by the Japanese
Kamikazi Japanese suicide pilots
Manhattan Project American plan to build an Atom Bomb
Hiroshima & Nagasaki The two Japanese cities America dropped the A-bomb on
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