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WW2 E/C,People AMHS

this covers main events.Events=Cause/Effect And People of WW2

What was the cause and effect?Answer
Who,What he did, why he did it, and How is he Important? Winston Church Hill Prime minister of UK. spoke for years against governments deals with Germany. He had given the best nationalistic speech for the blitzkrieg bombers. He had told Germany and the world they will not surrender. forced germans out of UK. air warfare.
Who,What he did, why he did it, and How is he Important? Hideki Tojo? japanese military leader whos made plans to surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. To take out the main challenge that may be big problem for what he has planned. Hideko leads victorious attack on pearl harbor allowsjapan to island hop no worries for airwarfare
Who,What he did, why he did it, and How is he Important? Erwin Rommel German general to lead force into Africa.to stop supplies of oil in nothern Africa base. he's important cause,was General to lead mission to ground(loss battle). Brits decoded Germany letters.
Who,What he did, why he did it, and How is he Important? Dwight D. Eisenhower Leader to commanded army into D-day. Did it serve ountry(nationals). Important cause, later served two terms as president.
Who,What he did, why he did it, and How is he Important? Douglas MacArthur defends the pilipine. led small # troops. led doomed DEFENSE. had to surrendur the phillipines in 1942 April. 70,000 prisoners. loss battle cause of weather and brutal lack of food/water. imptnt cause led plan island hop. later won back every island loss.
Who,What he did, why he did it, and How is he Important? Harry S. Truman was vice, but rossevelt died/ now president. Who had lead the destrction and victory against Japan. Was the one to use the 2 atomic bombs. important cause he lead america to victory was person USA needed.
Who,What he did, why he did it, and How is he Important? Hirohito Japansese emperor. who had surrendured to United States. due to the devastating impact of the atomic bombs. August 15 1945. The United states beat STalin to Japan and did not allow him to seize Japan.
• Anti-Semitism & state sponsored discrimination in Germany After the Nazi party achieved power in Germany in 1933, its state-sponsored racism led to anti-Jewish legislationeconomic boycotts, and the violence of the After the September 1939 German invasion of Poland the beginning WW2 death jew. prison jews.
• Hitler’s invasion of the Rhineland & the Sudetenland Hitler violates Treaty Versailles/Locarno Pact by sending German military to the Rhineland, a demilitarized zone along the Rhine River in western Germany. Austria and portions of Czechoslovakia. In 1939, Hitler invaded Poland, leads to outbreak of WW2.
• The Blitz & the Battle of Britain July/fall1940, German and British air force clash in skies over UK, locked in largest bombing campaign. turning point of WW2, the Battle of Britain ended when Germany's Luftwaffe failed to gain air superiority over the Royal Air Force
• Invasion of the Soviet Union & the Battle of Stalingrad HItler wanted to hurt Stalin bad.insult him. turning point in the war on the Eastern Front and one of the most crucial engagements of World War II. The invading Germans saw the conquest of Stalingrad essential to campaign in southRussia.
• The Wannsee Conference & the Final Solution "final solution to the Jewish question in Europe" with key non-SS government leaders. leaders had to meet to discuss how to make genocide of remaining jews. bullets no, flamethrower no, and ONLY GAS COULD KILL FAST ENOUGH. in large #'s
• Allied responses to Axis aggression No reaction from the League of Nations caused WWII because the Axis powers saw there would be now consequences for their aggressive actions; therefore it motivated the Axis powers to take what they wanted. WWII Basics. Axis Powers vs . Allied Powers.
• Operation Fortitude & D-Day the Allies developed a deception plan to draw attention away from Normandy. The D-Day deception plan was codenamed Operation 'Fortitude' and was part of a larger overall deception strategy – Operation 'Bodyguard'
• Battles for control of the Philippines Douglas McArthur and American land on the Lingayen Gulf of Luzon,step in the capture of Philippine Islands from the JapanesWW2.1945Despite best efforts, Japanese lost the battle for Luzon and eventually,the battle for control over all of the Philippines
• Yalta & Potsdam Conferences potsdam confrnce,1945.The Big Three Soviet Joseph Stalin,British Winston Churchill replaced on July 26 by Prime Minister Clement Attlee and U.S. President Harry Trumanmet in Potsdam,Germany,from July 17 to August 2,1945,to negotiate terms at end WW2.
• Dropping of the Atomic Bombs On August 6,1945,during World War II 1939-45 U.S bomber dropped world 1st deploy atomic bomb over Hiroshima. The explosion wiped out 90 percent of the city and immediately killed 80,000 people tens of thousands more would later die of radiation exposure.
Created by: nichard