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Unit 8

German and Italian Unification & Latin American Revolution

Why were Europeans upset with the Congress of Vienna borders made by the congress of Vienna reinforced continued regional divisions provided for the creation of foreign control and foreign rules restored the conservative monarchies overthrown by Napoleons destroying the liberal process of Enlightenment
What was the purpose of the revolutions in 1848 and why
What country avoided revolution in 1848 and why
How did Giuseppe Garibaldi help Italian unification
How did Count Camilo de Cavour help Italian unification
What war brought the Papel States the last unify with Italy
What was the “Risorgimento”
Who was Otto von Bismarck
What is “realpolitik”
What was the nickname of Simon Bolivar
What countries did Simon Bolivar liberate
Who is the father of Mexican independence
Who were the peninsulares
Who were the creloes and why did they rebel
Who is the father of Haitian independence
What was unique about the Haitian Revolution
What was the purpose of the Monroe Doctrine
Created by: helen3