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Interwar AMhs hist.

This covers C/E and people of the Interwar

What is the Cause/effect?Answer
China declares war on Germany 1917 Cause= during Ww1 they had hoped to gain their land back by declaring war on germany, but treaty of versialles had given the land to JAPAN. Effect=told China the world saw them as a WEAK nation.
Fascist Party formed in Italy 1919 Cause= to make italy a more indepepndent society. they sought to make the good of the nation is above all else. EFfect=marked the transformation of the paramilitary Fasci Italiani di Combattimento into a more coherent political group made by MUssilillni
May 4th Movement in Beijing 1919 Cause= China wasn't given back their land and government just stood there did nothing. Effect march of college students demanded change, plus protests sweeped the country.
Communist Party formed in China 1921 Cause= people had aggesive protests agaisnst the government, for land being given to Japan. effect= China declared the creation of the People's Republic of China (PRC).
March on Rome october 1922 Cause= people had wanted to increase awareness of the FAscist Rule. Effect= the Regimes were doomed!
Hitler attempts to overthrow the German government october 1923 Cause= Hitler was key figure in nazi party. But he wanted more power. Effect= tries to overthrow government= Small prison term.
Stalin becomes leader of the Soviet Union 1924 Cause= Instead of reducing the governments power, he focused to turn the soviet union into a toltalitarian state. EFFEct= came into power and created his first five year plan rules.
Beginning of the Five-Year Plan in the Soviet Union 1928 Cause= ideal of modernization of the comunist party of the Soviet Union. Effect= Increase of soviet industrial output, production of oil double, while coal/ steel production quadrupled! Demands were high though.
Great Purge / Great Terror in the Soviet Union 1930 Cause= Stalin wants a country free of rioeters and communist leaders. Effect= Shows Stalins full strength and lives he will take to make this ideal come true
Manchurian Incident 1931 Cause=to show of the new government which was mostly controlled by the military.ALSO,the region was rich in natural resources.Beleifs thats this would help japans economic reliance on trade with the west.Efffect=easily took it, announced this state theirs
Hitler appointed as chancellor of Germany 1933 Cause= German people were in need of a strong leader during Great Depression, promised to rebuild military. Effect=Nazi's popularity grew, Nazi propaganda, numberg laws, and Kristallnacht.
The Long March in China 1927 Cause= Jiangs attacks on communists/ Chinese civil war started. Effects=A safe place was built for surviving communists 8,000 survived. another battle against Jiang is promised.
Nuremburg Laws enacted in Germany Cause= Nazi propaganda, Hitlers blames of jews being problem of results of WW1. Effects= Citizenship loss, civil/property rights loss, right to vote loss, jews right to work in certain jobs, laws defined a jews ancestry, encouragement of anti-jewish riots
Anti-Comintern Pact signed 1936 Cause= of chinas civil war and hitlers interest in japans strength. Effects= An alliance made with Italy, Germany, and Japan
who what why how is person important? Jiang Jieshi leader of communists party in china. He continued to fight warlords and foreign imperialsm.turned against communist allies, Cause some Guomundang nationalists were upset on the expansion of communist influence. Jiang had started the chinese civil war.
who what why how is person important? Mao Zedong leader of communists who survived civil war. tries to rebuild organization, does this to keep chinese communists alive in china. He is important cause, he saved over 8,000 people on the Long March.
who what why how is person important? Mohandas Gandhi leader in protests against Britain control. made peaceful movements against British, to inspire millions of Indians to stand up for unjust laws. He's important by changing the rules and indians were given a limited degree of self-rule.
who what why how is person important? Kemal Ataturk WW1 hero who fought plans for turkey to be given to Greece/others. He did this to continue his plans of making turkey into a modern nation. He's important cause, he had modernized turkey into a nonreligous or a non goverment controlled country.
who what why how is person important? Franklin Delano Roosevelt President of 1932. Increase of governments role in americans lives, to get out of the great depression he had hoped to end that,He's important cause,He had broken the great depression,Gave jobs to unemployed,Made New Deal,Provided govern money for welfare
who what why how is person important? John Maynard Keynes British economist. Beleived governments could limit/prevent economic doen turns. Argued governments do this by spending money even if unbalanced budget. His ideas and theories turned to be true, they helped the U.S Depression but still lingered.
who what why how is person important? Benito Mussolini Fascists newspaperman WW1 veteran. wants to rule Italy. did this by Leading March on Rome. To make Italy a totalitarian country. He's important cause he reaveled league of nations action/ they would do little to stop war.
who what why how is person important? Joseph Stalin New soviet leader. created a totalitarian state. made the 5 year plan. to further strengthen communism in Russia. He's important cause, the 5 year plan worked and the production of oil, coal and steel doubled and quadrupled!
who what why how is person important? adolf Hitler Leader of Nazi party and beleives he can untimatly change Germany into the supreme ruler of Europe. tries to over throw government. WW1 veteran. views German govern. as weak cause of surrendur in WW1. He's important cause he be dictater to start WW2
who what why how is person important? Nazi party controlled by Hitler made to force probaganda of jews onto society and gain hitler the power he needs. this group installed fear int community and made Germany a controlled system of power and dictatorness.
Created by: nichard