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Asian Philosophy

Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism, Confucianism, Asian Geography

Why are most Hindus vegetarian? (LETTER) a) They don't like their meat without spices, which they don't have a lot of b) They believe everyone has souls, so they don't want to eat animals c) Their ancestors were vegetarian, so they are vegetarian B
What is the name of the universal G-d for Hindus? Brahman
According to the Hindus, what is the name of the G-d who is the creator of the universe? Brahma
According to the Hindus, what is the name of the G-d whoo is the protector? Vishnu
According to the Hindus, what is the name of the G-d who represents both destruction and change? Shiva
According to the Hindus, what is the G-d of knowledge, wisdom, and wealth? Ganesha
According to the Hindus, what is the G-d of reincarnation of Vishnu? Krishna
A collection of sacred texts, including verses, hymns, prayers and teachings composed in Sanskrit. Taught orally for hundreds of years. Vedas
A system made up of five varnas: the Brahmins (Priests), Khsatriyas (Warriors), Vaishyas (Merchants/landownders), Shudras (Servants), Untouchable (Cobblers, street sweepers) Caste system
Individual soul; part of Brahman Atman
Fulfilling one’s duties in life Dharma
All of the good and evil from past lives; do good things and good things will come your way Karma
Continuous cycle of birth, death, and rebirth Samsara
End of the death and rebirth cycle; release from samsara into union with G-d Moksha
A state of happiness without change or pain Nirvana
What is the goal of Hinduism? (Letter) a) To be one with nature b) Peace c) Escape the cycle of rebirth by reaching nirvana C
A state of hieghtened wisdom Enlightenment
According to Buddhists, how can people end suffering? (Letter) a) Overcoming selfish desires b) Yoga c) Meditation A
Buddhism teaches its followers to seek the _____ ___. Middle way
According to Confucius, when does society work well? (Letter) a) Everyone is one with nature b) Everyone respected laws and behaved according to the duties demanded by their positions c) Everyone followed the dharma of their varna B
Loyalty to the family and to the male head of the household. Filial piety
Which of these is not a relationship in Confucianism? (Letter) a) Ruler <-> Subject b) Husband <-> Wife c) Father <--> Son d) Older brother <-> Younger brother e) Human <-> Animal f) Friend <-> Friend E
Confucius wanted government jobs to be filled base on _____________. Ability
The connection that makes all life and movement in nature possible; translated to , “the way” Tao
Two opposite energies Yin and yang
Cold, dark, mysterious; associated with the earth and is female Yin
Warm, bright, positive; associated with the heavens and is male Yang
The primary text of Taoism. Tao Te Ching
Where did Hinduism first develop? (Letter) a) Africa b) India c) China d) Europe B
Belief in more than one G-d is called...? (Letter) a) Monotheism b) Polytheism c) Monoreligion d) Polyreligion B
What is the name of the most important G-d in Hinduism? (Letter) a) Vishnu b) Shiva c) Brahman d) Om C
What is the name of the class below the caste system? (Letter) a) Shudra b) Untouchables c) Plebeian d) Slave B
Before he became the Buddha, Siddhartha was a...? (Letter) a) Monk b) Boxer c) Priest d) Prince D
What is the name for the Hindu soul? (Letter) a) Samsara b) Moksha c) Yoga d) Atman D
Hinduism was founded by...? (Letter) a) A single man b) A woman c) A young bow d) The mixing of cultures D
Has no formal rituals, priests, or worship of G-ds. (Letter) a) Hinduism b) Buddhism c) Both d) Neither B
In the caste system, how were people in India placed into a social class? (Letter) a) By skill b) By birth c) By wealth d) By education B
This inspired Siddhartha to leave his royal life and search for enlightenment. (Letter) a) Happiness b) Greed c) Suffering d) Wealth C
What did Siddhartha do to try and achieve enlightenment? (Letter) a) Meditate b) Analyze his dreams c) Write books d) Study in a Buddhist monastery A
Follows the Eightfold Path. (Letter) a) Hinduism b) Buddhism c) Both d) Neither B
What country did Confucianism start in? (Letter) a) India b) Japan c) China d) Indonesia C
Confucianism is based on...? (Letter) a) War b) Peace c) Karma d) Nature B
What is Daoism? (Letter) a) National holiday in China b) A book about life c) The force d) A philosophy that emphasizes harmony with nature D
What is the capital of China? Beijing
What is the capital of Japan? Tokyo
What is the capital of North Korea? Pyongyang
What is the capital of South Korea? Seoul
What is the capital of Cambodia? Phnom Penh
What is the capital of Indonesia? Jakarta
What is the capital of Pakistan? Islamabad
What is the capital of Malaysia? Kuala Lumpur
What is the capital of Myanmar? Naypyidaw
What is the capital of Philippines? Manila
What is the capital of Thailand? Bangkok
What is the capital of Vietnam? Hanoi
What is the capital of Bangladesh? Dhaka
What is the capital of India? New Delhi
What is the capital of Nepal? Kathmandu
Created by: oliva.muchnik
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