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Chapter 6

Circulatory System

Which vessels carry oxygenated blood? Arteries
Which vessels carry deoxygenated blood? Veins
Is blood in venous, arterial or both? Both
What is the largest artery in the body? Aorta
How long does one complete contraction and relaxation of the heart last? 0.8 seconds
Where does the coronary circulation take oxygenated blood directly to? Heart
What is the fluid portion of the blood? Plasma
What is the cellular portion of the blood called? Formed Elements
How many chambers are in the heart? 4
What is the middle layer of the heart called? Myocardium
What are the four stages of hemostasis? Vasoconstriction, Platelet Plug, Secondary Hemostatic Plug, Fibrinolysis
What is the universal blood donor type? O
What is the universal blood recipient type? AB
What is another name for red blood cells? Erythrocytes
What is another name for white blood cells? Leukocytes
What is another name for Platelets? Thrombocytes
If a test needs to be performed on whole blood, what additive is in the tube? Anticoagulant
What is the fluid called in the lymphatic system? Lymph
What is the process called when a clot is dissolved? Fibrinolysis
What does the mother receive to prevent hemolytic disease of her newborn is she is Rh negative? Rhogam
What is the normal composition of the blood? 55% plasma, 45% formed elements
What is the method of blood-typing called? ABO
What is a cardiac cycle? One complete contraction and relaxation of the heart
What does hemostasis mean? Stoppage of bleeding after an injury
What vascular system carries blood from the right ventricle to the lungs to pick up oxygen? Pulmonary Circulation
The blood in the aorta is high in? Oxygen
What is the thin fluid filled sac around the heart called? Pericardium
What vessel supplies the heart with deoxygenated blood from the lower body? inferior Vena Cava
What vessel supplies the heart with deoxygenated blood from the upper body? Superior Vena Cava
What is the wall of cartilage called that separates the hearts chambers? Septa (Septum)
What is the average heart rate per minute? 72 bpm (beats per Minute)
What is the average blood pressure? 120/80
What organ plays an important role in hemostasis? Liver
What is the outer layer of the heart called? Epicardium
What is the middle layer of the heart called? Myocardium
What is the inner layer of the heart called? Endocardium
What type of blood test is done to match a unit of blood to be transfused? Type & Cross Match
What blood test is done to test for anemia? CBC
What initiates the heart to beat by electrical impulse? Sinoatrial Node
What is the contracting phase of the cardiac cell called? Systolic
What is the upper receiving chamber of the heart? Left and right Atrium
What blood test is performed when a patient is on Coumadin? Protime
What blood tests are preformed if the patient might be having an MI? AST, CK, TROPONIN
What blood tests are performed if the patient has an embolus? PT, PTT FDP, Triglyceride
What blood test if performed to see if the patient has fats in the blood? Lipid Panel
What chamber of the heart pumps oxygenated blood into the Aorta? Left Venterical
What is another name for the heart's "pacemaker"? Sinoatrial Node (SA)
What does the term "cardiac output" imply? Volume of blood pumped in 1 minute
What is the arterial pressure during relaxation of the ventricles called? Diastolic
If a patient is Rh negative, what does his RBC's lack? D Antigen
What is the fluid portion of the blood called after the specimen has clotted and centrifuged? Serum
What is the difference between plasma and serum? Serum does not contain fibrinogen (in the clot)
What is the pathway that works outside the bloodstream during coagulation? Extrinsic Pathway
What is the pathway that works inside the bloodstream during coagulation? Intrinsic Pathway
What is vasoconstriction? Vessel gets smaller to reduce flow to an injury
What is Fibrinolysis? Dissolving of a clot
Is the blood in capillaries more venous or arterial? Arterial
What are the main components of the lymphatic system? Lymph, lymphatic vessels, ducts and nodes
Inflammation of a vein with a blood clot is called? Thrombophlebitis
What is a blood test for monitoring a patient with diabetes? HbA1c
A blood pressure cuff device for measuring one's blood pressure is called? Sphygmommanometer
The conversion of a liquid such as blood into a semi-solid gel or clot is called? Coagulation
A machine that record electrical activity during a cardiac cycle is called? EKG Machine
What is the medical term for a blood clot circulating in the blood stream? Embolis
What is the proper order of direction in the flow of blood? Arteries, arterioles, capillaries, venules, veins
What keeps the blood in the veins moving? Skeletal muscle movement and valves in the veins
What heart chamber receives blood from the systemic system? Right atrium
What heart chamber delivers oxygenated blood to the ascending and descending aorta? Left Ventricle
The heart muscle get its supply from the... Coronary arteries
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