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Geography and Early

Use to help study for your quiz on Geography and Early China

Huang HE Another name for the Yellow River in China. It was also known as the "China's Sorrow".
Gobi Desert A harsh desert in China that separated the north of China.
Jade A green gemstone that was used to make tool and found in tombs of the rich.
Writing system The Shang dynasty created the first writing system.
Mountains and Deserts These geographic features made travel and communication difficult.
Yu the Great Stared the Xia dynasty in China.
Artisans Created beautiful bronze containers and tools made out of Jade.
Armor The was used to protect soldier and it was made from bronze.
Shang achievements Calendar, armor, and the first writing system in China.
Calendar The Shang dynasty used the phase of the moon as a ...
Created by: samir.ezzelarb