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History 102-1

History 102 Talmud

Oral Law consists of? Mishna, Gemara, Midrash
I. Head of the Pharisees II. Neutral about Yeshua III. Nasi during Yeshua’s ministry IV. Head of the Sanhedrin Gamliel was?
Kept Torah alive despite Roman persecution? Shimon Bar Yarchai
The Zugot are: II. Nasi and Av Beit Din III. Pairs of Sages
Yavneh was: TBD
The man who bargained with Emperor Vespasian and saved the Sages for Yavneh was: Yochanan ben Zakkai
R. Eliezer ben Hyrkanos Was issued a cherem for not accepting majority opinion
an example of Kal v’Chomer is If stealing a bicycle is a felony, all the more so stealing a car.
Bar Kochba: Supported by Akiva & Reestablished the Korban Pesach
These Sages survived the plague of Akiva's students: Shimon Bar Yochai; Meir
Akiva died on Erev Yom Kippur
I. Means R. Shimon bar Yochai II. Died on Lag b’Omer III. Lived in a cave for 13 years IV. Compiled the Zohar Rashbi
Lag b’Omer is a celebration of Shimon bar Yochai
R. Ishmael was counterpart to Akiva
R. Ishmael was of the line of Shammai
Which Sage did not grow up studying Torah Akiva
The Mishna is written in Aramaic? False
Supplemental materials not included in the Mishna are called: Tosefta
Tractate Shabbat is in which Sidra of the Mishna? Moed
How many tractates are in the Mishna? 63
Who persuaded Rabbi that the Mishna be redacted? Marcus Aurelius
Who compiled the Zohar? Shimon bar Yochai
Redacted the Mishna Yehuda HaNasi
Helped the Roman Emperor with difficult problems Rabbi
Known as Rabi & a friend of Marcus Aurelius Yehuda HaNasi (Rabbi)
Many of his opinions are expressed. 'others say'. R. Meir
taught Torah, mentioned in Talmud Bruriah
Appointed by Akiva R. Meir
Who said, “One should not destroy a Synagogue building before a new one is in place.” Rav Chisda
Sura did not become the preeminent Yeshiva again after his death Rav Chisda
After the death of Rav Yehuda, Sura became the preeminent Yeshiva under Rav Chisda
This Sage became blind Rav Yosef
Rav Yosef studied under I. Rav Huna II. Rav Yehudah
Not popular with the municipal government Rabbah
Who became Rosh Yeshiva at Pompedita Rabbah
Who had greater Torah knowledge Rav Yosef
Rav Yehuda founded Pompedita
The one who passed on Rav’s teaching in Talmud is assumed to be Rav Yehuda
We know it is Rav Huna’s opinion in Talmud when it is attributed It is said in bei Rav
After Mar Shmuel’s death in Nehardea, who became Rosh Yeshiva in Sura? Rav Huna
On matters of finance & civil law, Talmud defers to the opinion of Mar Shmuel
After the death of Rav, many of his students left Sura to study with Mar Shmuel
II. Student of Rabbi III. Led the Yeshiva counterpart to Rav Mar Shmuel
Rav laid the foundations for Gemara
Initially, Rav joined the Yeshiva at Nehardea
Studied with Rabbi in the Galilee Rav
The Reish Galuta is The municipal head of the diaspora community
The problems with the Mishna: I. Too brief II. Few explanations III. Assumes readers know the Oral Law IV. Outline
Orthodox Jewish view is that Scripture is greater than Talmud
The purpose of studying Talmud is To understand how the Sages thought
Aggadah is Stories that give us ethical insights into Scripture
Halacha is The vetted rules of the way we as a nation follow Torah
I. Widely traveled in Babylonia II. Last of the Amoraim III. Redactor of Talmud with Rav Ashi IV. Student of Rava Ravina
Along with Rav Ashi, this Sage redacted the Talmud Ravina
This Sage appears usually at the end of discussions in Talmud with the final say Rav Ashi
The two redactors of the Talmud are Ravina & Rav Ashi
The greatest of the Babylonian Amoraim is Rav Ashi
According to Rava, if one behaves badly, you should Still accept all his Torah teaching
Rava moved the Yeshiva of Pompedita to Mechoza
The greatest influence on Rava was Rav Yosef
Abayei was kind and honest, but was strict in his judgement of crime
Many Sages came from the Galilee to exchange ideas, Abayei treated them with deference (humble submission and respect)
Who is called Nachmani in Talmud Abayei
The 6 Orders/Sidrei are Zeraim - seeds Moed - designated times Nashim - woman Nezikim - damages Kedoshim - holy things Tohorot - ritual cleanness & uncleanness
seeds/agriculture Zeraim (1)
designated times Moed (2)
woman Nashim (3)
damages/lawsuits Nezikim (4)
holy things Kedoshim (5)
ritual cleanness & uncleanness Tohorot (6)
Served as a Nasi until his death on 15 Kislev 217 ce 135 ce to 217 ce Rabbi - Yehuda HaNasi
Shisa Sidrei (orders) Mishna Shas
Moed (designated times) Shabbat Rosh Hashan Pesachim Sukkah Yoma Moed Katan (chullin/normal intermediary days) Eruvin (boundaries - walk on Shabbat) Shkalim (offerings) Beltza (eggs) Megilla (Esther/Purim) Taanit (festivals) Chagigah (festival offerings - Deut 16)
To study by repetition Mishna
regular day? chul
holy day? kodesh
chul hamoed regular days of festival - can work
Main Yeshivot Nehardea Sura Pompedita (the great yeshivot - generations later
Yeshivot all south of? Euphrates river, wi/in borders of Israel
who does the talmud defer to halacha regarding ritual & prohibitions? Rav (Rav Abba bar Ayvu)
Mar Shmuel died in 254ce
Mar Shmuel - head of school in Nehardea
Rav - head of school in Sura
these two were equivalent to the last zugot: Hillel & Shammai? Mar Shmuel & Rav
Created by: lorrainel007
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