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History 1

Sphinx An imaginary creature with a human head and the body of a lion that was often shown on Egyptian statues
Obelisk A tall pointed four sided pillar in ancient Egypt
King tutankhamen (tut) A huge stone slab hieroglyphics Greek and later form of Egyptian that allowed historians to understand Egyptian
Piankhi A very religious Kushite king who believed he was supported by the gods conquered many Egyptian cities in extending the Kushite in part to Egypt
Trade networks A system of people in different plan to trade goods back and forth
Merchant Trader
Imports Good brought in from other regions
Queen shanakhdakheto A kushite Queen whom may have been the first woman to rule kush herself
King ezana A king of aksum who destroyed meröe and Concord the king of Kush in AD 350
Hieroglyphics The ancient Egyptian writing system that used picture symbols
Papyrus A long lasting paper like material made from reads that ancient Egyptians used to write on
Rosetta stone An Egyptian pharaoh who’s tomb filled with treasures was discovered by archaeologist in 1922
Export Items sent to other regions for trade
Created by: Princesswolf