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History WW1 amhs

this covers main events.Events=Cause/Effect And People of WW1

what was the cause/ EffectAnswer
what were the four main causes of war? Militarism, alliances, imperialism, and nationalsm.
the Assasination of Franz Ferdinand June 28 1914 Cause= that the Serbs had wanted, Rising tensions with a free country/Austria. Austria wants 0 rebels. EFFect=after the death, Germany encouraged the Austrians Nationalistic views to start WW. Germany will give anything just start WW. JUNE 28/1914!
Austria and Hungary declaring war on SerbiaAugust 1914 Cause=Revenge for death of Franz Ferdinand, and deal with Germany. Effect=Russian keeping its promise to attack if Serbs our attacked, shows Germany facing attcks on both fronts of the War.EAST/WEST,front. august 1914
the battle of the Frontiers August 1914 Cause=Germanys first attack was to use the Schlieffen plan, to move fast and eliminate enemies/0 restrictions on war methods. Germany had Won in AUG/1914. EFFEct= this had shown Germany is strong and had fueled nationalism in germany. encouraged it.
the Battle of the Marne SEPT 5 1914 Cause=France must not let another win for Germany. both Brits/France invaded Germany army. EFFECt= both sides dug into the Trenches 30 mls from France. Begins War Attrition.
the Ottoman empire joining the central powers 1914 Cause=joined the winning side/Stronger side of WW1. Effect=the triple alliance formed in 1914.
Japan declaring war on Germany 1914 Cause= German ships were all around china/Japan. and Germans had complete control Tsingtao. Effect= Japan had sent an ultumatum wanting every german thing out. No reply so Japan had declared war on no response.
the Gallipoli Campaign1915 Cause= Russia was in need of dyre help and supplies. Winston church hills idea of going south through the Ottomans which he disregards as weak. Effect= Winston church hill looses possition of power and thousands of men. Russians left to make deal Germans.
the Ottomans forcibly removing the Armenians 1915 Cause= Beleifs the Christian/muslims were aiding the Russians. Effect= Empire was accused of genocide on a specific race/religon.
Sinking of the Lusitania MAY 1915 Cause= Germans effective and illegal shooting of boats, and new tactic of shooting anything insight. EFFect= Women/children dead, and reason for stronger strict restrains on subs Germany may have after War. May 1915
Italy joins the Allies MAY 1915 May 1915 Cause=Allied powers were facing utter defeat, on western front. EFFect= Italy joins battle in a continuous attack to ustria on the Border of Italy/ Austria, Liittle progress made by this.
Battle of Verdun FEB-DEC/1916 Cause= Germany had wated as many french dead as fast as they could. EFFect= both sides in the end of the battle had suffered just about the same casualties. The Battle was a TIE.
Battle of the Somme JULY 1916 Cause= British had to help/ fight their own battle to distract Germany from taking France. EFFect= It was another TIE/ 0 breakthroughs on land increase for each country.
Zimmerman Note is issued JUNE 1917 Cause=Germany needed to keep America out of WW1with their own battle so as to keep fighting the very weak Brits/ French. Sent for Mexico to start war with USA. EFFECt= Brits broke code sent to USA americans join WW1.
The United States enters the war APRIL 1917 Cause= Germany had tried to get Mexico to fight America. Nationalsm drove america to join War. EFFEct= proided the triple entente a chance to fight back with way more troops. USA joins and secures victory for Entente.
Battle of Ypres 1914 NOV Cause= with 0 gain in any pieces of land, France put on an offensive attack for the battle of Ypres.Effect= major losses of men/ rebellion in army. then British launched own attack=failed big time! still front lines remain unchanged.
Balfour Declaration 1917 Cause= British supportted in beleif of Zionism.EFFEct=jewish support in war, plus administered Palistine government in treaty of Versailles. Jewish/Arab inhabitants benifited from this.
Germany assaults the Western Front MAY 1915 Cause= Russsias withdrawl due to having their own civil war/ revolution in country. EFFEct= Germany was given their final chance to strike the western forces before USA set foot in Europe. Germany looses 800,000 troops and are vulnerable to USA attacks.
Wilson’s 14 points 1918 Cause= many deaths of war. just wants peace, EFFEct= 14 points of Peace. other countires waned Germany crushed. Wilson wants Germ.weakened/Stop of spread of communism. Italy ignored, wants land.=key to WW2/ Italys involvement.
WWI ends with an armistice agreement NOV 11 1918 Cause=enemy forces broke Hindenburg line. EFFect= Germany agrees to armistice/ peace treaty. Nov,11/1918. Central Powers WW1 was over.
Germany signs the Treaty of Versailles JUNE 28 1919 Cause= Germany was not destroyed but surrendered. Peace/ set of rules or aftermath peacefully agreed upon Triple Entente. Effect= Germany land decreased,limiteed military size, Poland given German land,german colonies split.Germ, no choice.broke economy.
trench of warfare Cause= German forces pushed 30miles from France.Effect= Both German/ France placed foot holds to carry on war without retreating/ giving up land.
the Schlieffen plan AUG 4 1914 Cause= The war was moving fast and Germany was at pressured to move or die.Effect= Germany made a plan to shoot, take land, and decrease enemy #'s. Thus Frances #'s dropped by indredible amounts.
new Technology Causes= From the increase of numerous invention during the INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION. effect= new weapons such as machine gun, poisonous gas, hand grenades, flame throwers, and planes/ submarines.
Major provisions/ G.A.R.G.L.E G:uilt-Germany accepts they're the causer.A:rmy-limited to 100,000 troops,noSubs,Planes,6BattleShips,andRhineland demilitarizedR:eparations-Germany pays 6,600millTil1984.G:ermanyLooses land-lost 15% territoryAlsace returned/landReduced.L:eagueNations
Council of 4 1919 British, France, USA, and Italy.Russia coudn't make it. Germany was not allowed to enter.
Who what why how: Franz Ferdinand The Austrian Archduke. was shot to death by the black hand. because of the Austrian empire absorbing Bosnia from Ottomans. The black hand blames the austrians for not letting Bosnia be a free country. FerdinandDeath sparks Germans support to Austrias WW1.
Who what why how: Gravrilo Princip one of the 6 assasinators of Franz Ferdinand "Black hand". He shot Franz/ starts WW1. wanted to liberate Bosnia to a free country. by commiting only acts of Terrorism.
Who what why how: Kaiser Wilhelm II Emporer of Germany.Made many expansions of land with army/ started WW1. Ideal nation is a powerful and respected one.By his agressive,tactless actions,combined with his desire to build a powerful German army military,he would plunge world into darkness.
Who what why how: Winston Churchhill Prime minister.Led an attack/supplie run to Russia. but humilated in defeat. He had loss thousands of troops in recluss decision. By under estimating the strength the Ottomans still had Britain was left defeated by Ottomans. Later he joined WW1 as soldier
Who what why how: Bolsheviks A small Marxist group. wanted to change life in Russia through revolution. They wanted to overthrow Czar. they would be the reason as to why Russia had left the war and become a comunist country. led to Russia's withdrawal from war. Plus Germanys deal.
Who what why how: Vladmimir Lenin Revolutionary idealist who was given back to russia from Germany. To weaken/Oppresse Russias participation in War. joined Bulshavick group overthrew Government and became the Father of the Russian Revolution
Who what why how: Leon Trotsky Top Bolshevick official. was sent to negotiate for peace with the centra powers. cause Russias army powerless. Trotsky accepted deal and Russia had to give up huge parts of its empire. important cause he was one to speak of peace agreement with germany.
Who what why how: Grigory Rasputin A self proclaimed holy man and healer many Russians viewed as corrupt and immoral. Under the control of the government.
Who what why how: Woodrow Wilson remembered for his efforts for world peace. before entering the war, he had worked very hard for peace promised it. urged congress for war hoping to keep peace with allies. important beacuase of his 14 point/ League of Nations. also peace making efforts.
Who what why how: Vittorio Orlando Italys leader who had hope for his country in gaining more land. also promised the community too. Was ignored by other nation/ triple entente. Him being ignored causes a major person in WW2 to rise from his conflict.
Created by: nichard