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Ancient Rome Vocab

Ancient Roman Republic and Empire Vocab

Roman Empire A TIME IN ROME WHEN THE GOVERNMENT WAS RULED BY A DICTATOR (ONE PERSON) At this point in history the Roman Senate had been overthrown by Julius Caesar.
Julius Caesar A GREAT GENERAL WHO FOUGHT FOR THE PLEBEIANS RIGHTS AND OVERTHREW THE REPUBLIC. Made himself the first dictator of Rome & is killed by his peers.
Caesar Octavian (Augustus) CAESAR’S ADOPTED SON WHO BECAME NEXT EMPEROR AFTER CAESAR’S DEATH. Leader during the Golden Age of Rome Worked with the senate to make decisions
Pax Romana THE ROMAN GOLDEN AGE DURING THE FIRST 200 YEARS OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE. Roman peace, stable government, and inventions & prosperity.
Aqueduct RAISED TUNNELS USED TO CARRY WATER FROM THE MOUNTAINS TO THE CITIES. Irrigation systems in Rome. This is an example of Roman Technology
Constantine THE FIRST CHRISTIAN EMPEROR OF ROME Declares Rome a christian empire. Spreads Christianity throughout empire. Named the eastern empire (Byzantine) capital Constantinople after himself.
Byzantine Empire THE EASTERN EMPIRE OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE. Rome splits into two empires to make it easier to control and rule. The capital was Constantinople. Run by the Greeks
Attila the Hun THE LEADER OF THE HUN EMPIRE THAT INVADED THE ROMAN EMPIRE. A Barbarian leader. Rome was falling apart at this point because of internal conflict.
Tiber River The physical feature where Rome was built. It was shallow making it easy to cross. Provided travel to trade in the sea.
Republic A style of government run by elected leaders chosen by the people to represent their views. Broken into 3 parts: Senate, Assembly, Magistrate/Consul
Plebians Rome’s lower class who rebelled when they weren’t being listened to Artisans, laborers, farmers
Patricians Rome’s upper class citizens who ran the government. Held the highest positions in the republic
Magistrates Upper class citizens (judges, tax collectors, urban planners) that were elected into power by the people. 20 elected officials in power for 1 year.
Consuls The title of the two upper class citizens elected from the magistrates Leaders that created laws & lead army
Roman Senate A group of upper class Romans that advised the leaders. Made up of 300 Patricians
Roman Assembly A group that protected the rights of the Plebeians [lower class] Could veto actions of the consuls.
Veto The action of stopping a law from being passed when one group wants it to and another doesn’t.
Checks and Balances A method of balancing power so that one group doesn’t become too powerful. Used in our government today
Punic Wars A series of wars between Rome and Carthage, a city in northern Africa. fought over resources, land, control, power
Gladiators A slave or captive, who was forced to fight to the death in a public arena against another person or a wild animal. Source of entertainment. Victory could earn you freedom
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