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Takeshi's castle #2

Japans isolation and its history during its isolation

1. How long did Japans isolation last? 250 years
2. Who were the only people who traded with the Japanese during its time of isolation? Dutchmen
3. What does a centralized government mean? A government that gives power to a small group of people
4. What does commodore mean? The code of honors that are valid to a samuri
5. What does Shogunate mean? A Naval officer of high rank
6. What is a kimono? A traditional Japanese Garment
7. How many miles did Manjio Nakahama walk Per day on his journey to home? 22.5 miles a day
8. How many days did Manjiro Nakahama travel? 4 total days
9. How old was Manjiro Nakahama when his father died? He was the age of Nine
10. What was the name of Manjiro Nakahama's boat that he traveled in on his way back to Japan The Adventurer
11. What is the punishment for leaving Japan during its time of Isolation and returning after visiting the outside world? Death or Life sentence in prison
12. True or False, large ships were aloud to travel to another country(s)? False, it is against the law
13. Who pro-swayed Japan to open its ports to opening countries? Manjiro Nakahama
Created by: joseph_ine