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Ancient India

Use to help study for your test on Ancient India

Subcontinent A large land mass, smaller than a continent.
Monsoons seasonal wind patterns that cause wet and dry seasons.
Caste System The division of Indian society into groups. You must follow all the rules in the caste system.
Hinduism The largest religion in India today. They believed in the universal spirit, Brahman.
reincarnation The process of a soul being reborn in a new body.
Karma The force created by a person's actions. Good karma will help you be reincarnated as something good.
mediation The focusing of the mind and spiritual ideas.
fasting Going without food.
Buddhism A religion based on the teachings of Buddha and the Four Noble Truths. The religion was appealing to all of society.
Missionary People who want to spread their religious beliefs.
Nirvana A state of Perfect peace.
Candragupta Maurya A military leader who took control of northern India. He stated the Maurya empire.
Asoka A Mauryan emperor who converted to Buddhism because he was tired of war. He spread Buddhism by sending missionaries.
Metallurgy The Science of working with metals.
Hindu-Arabic numerals The Numbers we use today.
Inoculation Injecting a person with a small dose of a virus.
Astronomy The study of the stars and planets.
Himalayas Mountains in the north on India. Largest mountains in the world.
Sanskrit Indian writing system brought by the Aryans.
Brahmins The highest class in the caste system.
Jainism Religion that believes in nonviolence.
Siddhartha Gautama The founder of Buddhism who found the answer to why humans suffer.
Candra Gupta II Started the Gupta empire. He pushed people to join Hinduism and brought back the caste system.
Mahabharata Indian Text based on Hinduism. The most famous story is the Bhagavad Gita. It's still popular today.
Aryans Invaded India from the west.
The Gupta empire Had lots of great achievements like metallurgy, astronomy, and inoculation
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