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6th SS - Chapter 10

Chapter 10: African Civilizations

Sahara Desert largest desert in the world
Sahel Arabic word for shore
savannas grassy, tree-dotted plains
Mount Kilimanjaro highest mountain in Africa
basin large, bowl-shaped dip in the land into which rivers flow from surrounding highlands
Great Rift Valley 3,000 miles long gap that divides eastern and western Africa
hydroelectric power energy provided by falling water
Aksum Empire kingdom that conquered Kush and had successful trade routes
patriarch leader of the Aksum form of Christianity
supply a quantity of a good that people are willing to sell
demand people's desire to buy a particular item
Mali Empire kingdom in Africa ruled by Prince Sunjanta
Timbuktu city in Mali that was the center of culture
griots people who tell stories and sing songs about historical events and important traditions
Songhai Empire empire that took over the Mali empire and was ruled by Sunni Ali
Ghana Empire empire in Africa that became powerful because of its gold trade
granary a building for storing grain
Created by: MissMisiak