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Study Stack Unit 3

Causes and Effects of the Age of Discovery

Who was Prince Henry the Navigator The prince of Portugal who created a school of navigation souring on the Age of Exploration.
Why did Europeans set sail to explore? To create an empire, in search of new markets and economic opportunities, & to spread Christianity.
Who was Vasco de Gama? Portuguese sailor who circumnavigated Africa to reach Asia.
Who was Christopher Columbus? Spanish sailor from Italy who sailed West to get East & "discovered" Americas he process.
Who was Hernando Cortes? A Spanish conquistadore who conquered the Aztec Empire in modern-day Mexico.
Who was Francisco Pizarro? A Spanish conquistadore who conquered the Incan Civilization of Andean Peru and Chile.
Who was Ferdinand Magellan? Spanish mariner who is credited as the first to circumnavigate the Earth.
Who was Sir Francis Drake? The first Englishman credited with circumnavigating the Earth.
Who was Jacques Cartier? A French mariner who navigated into the St. Lawrence River in hoped of finding a Northwest passage.
What was the "Old World"? Europe, Africa, & Asia.
What was the "New World"? The Americas
What was the Columbian Exchange? The biological & cultural exchange between the Old and New Worlds instigated by the voyages of Columbus.
What went from the "Old World" to the "New World" in the Columbian Exchange? Largely diseases and livestock, but some agricultural products, like citrus, as well.
What went from the "New World" to the "Old World" in the Columbian Exchange? Agricultural product like tobacco, peanuts, corn, cotton, etc.
What legacy did the colonial governments of Latin America leave? A rigid social class system and a dictatorial form of government.
What caused African slave trade? The death of the indigenous population in the Americas
What was the Middle Passage? The journey of African slave ship across the Atlantic to the Americas.
What was the Triangular Trade? The trade of goods between Europe, Africa and the Americas- from Europe , manufactured goods, from Africa, slaves, and from the Americas, raw materials.
How did the African slave trade affect Africa? It Depleted their population of the fittest members of society & led to intertribal warfare
What was mercantilism? Monopolistic trade system between mother country and colonies benefiting the mother country.
What was the Commercial Revolution? The Advent of banking, financing, and mercantilism which led to economic growth in Europe.
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