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Wayland Old Test

Flash Cards

What is the name of the Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible The Septuagint
What are the eight rules of interpretation How Did U Climb High Like God Did
What are the three statements of a Balanced Biblical Doctrine From God and through men, The Bible is a straightforward communication of God’s will for humanity and The Bible can be understood in terms of ordinary human language.
What are the four major sections of the English Old Testament Torah, Historical, Wisdom and Prophetic
What are the stages of development for the literature of the Old Testament Oral to scroll to books
What are the three main divisions of the Hebrew Bible Law (Torah), Prophets (Nevi’im), Writings (Ketuvim)
What body of water makes the western boundary for the Promise Land Mediterranean Sea
What is the southern most lake of the Promise Land The Dead Sea
What languages was the Old Testament originally written in Hebrew except Daniel was written in Aramaic
Who is the author of the first five books of the Old Testament? Moses
The term “Pentateuch” refers to? The first 5 books of the Old Testament
What does Torah refer to? Torah means Law
What are the four important events of Genesis? Creation, Fall, Flood, Deploying
What are the four important people of Genesis? Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph
What is the theme of Genesis? Beginnings
What is known as “primeval history”? Creation (Gen 1-11)
What were the two trees in the Garden of Eden? The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life
What was the purpose of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil? To provide choice and free will
What was Abraham’s test of faith? The near sacrifice of Isaac
What were the three promises of God’s covenant with Abraham? A land, a seed, and a blessing
Who had his name changed to Israel? Jacob, after he wrestled with God
Who is Isaac’s wife? Rebekah
Who is the child of Abraham and the servant Hagar? Ishmael
Who is the promised child of Abraham and Sarah? Isaac
What is the purpose of the Tabernacle? So that God could live among the people
What is the theme of Exodus? Deliverance
What passage contains the Ten Commandments? Numbers 5:7-21
Where did the tribes of Israel receive the divine law? At the foot of Mt. Sinai
What is the theme of Leviticus? Holiness
What tribe contributes priests to the religious system of Israel? Levites
What are the five offerings of Israel? Burnt, grain, peace, sin, and guilt offerings
What is the meaning of the Day of Atonement? When the High Priest would enter the Holy of Holies to atone the sins of Israel
What does the term of holiness mean? Set Apart, Clear, quarantined, (clean)
What are the four rebellions of the Book of Numbers? Family Rebellion against Moses Chapter 12 Rebellion against entering the Promised Land Chapter 13-14 Rebellion of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram Chapter 16 Rebellion of Moses and water from the rock Chapter 20
What is the theme of Numbers? Rebellion
What are the three annual pilgrim feasts? Passover, Weeks, and Booths
What comprises the material in Deuteronomy? Speeches of Moses
What is the theme of Deuteronomy? Re-telling
What categories can Joshua’s conquest be divided? Central, Southern, and Northern
What city was conquered as part of Joshua’s Northern campaign? Hazor
What city was headquarters during the conquest? Gilgal
What is the theme of Joshua? Conquest
What is the timeframe of the conquest of the Promise Land? 1404-1390 B.C.
What tribe was Joshua’s family? Ephraim
What was the name of the King of Jerusalem who formed the Amorite alliance to fight against Joshua? Adoni-zedek
Who is the son of Nun and replaced Moses as the leader of the Israelites? Joshua
What is the cycle of the Judges? Sin, Servitude, Supplication, Salvation and Silence
What is the theme of Judges? Cycles
What is the timeframe of the Judges? 1390-1050 B.C.
What judge tested God with a fleece of wool? Gideon
What judge was a Nazirite? Sampson
When did each of the main six judges reign in Israel? 1367-1327 B.C. Othniel, 1309-1229 B.C. Ehud, 1209-1169 B.C. Deborah, 1162-1122 B.C. Gideon,Unknown Time Jephthah, 1075-1055 B.C. Sampson
Who are the six main Judges? Othniel, Ehud, Deborah, Gideon, Jephthah, and Sampson
What is the theme of Ruth? Kinsman- redeemer
Who was an alien from Israel but included in David’s genealogy? Ruth
What are the five major Philistine cities? Gaza, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Ekron, and Gath
What is the theme of First Samuel? Transition
What is the timeframe of the United Kingdom? 1050-931 B.C.
What year does Saul become King of United Israel? 1050 B.C.
Where was Saul crowned King of United Israel? Gilgal
Who was simultaneously prophet, judge, and priest of Israel? Samuel
What year do Saul and his sons die? 1010 B.C.
What Philistine city is given to David Ziklag
What city is the capital of the United Kingdom in King Solomon’s reign Jerusalem
What is the theme of Second Samuel? David
What son of David rebelled against him? Absalom
What three Israel kings held power during the united monarchy of the twelve tribes? Saul, David, and Solomon
What was God’s promise to David? Descendants would reign after him
What year does David become King of Judah? 1010 B.C.
What year does David become King of United Israel? 1003 B.C.
What year does Solomon become King of United Israel? 970 B.C.
Who in Second Samuel is a parallel of God’s reception of a sinner? Mephibosheth
What is the theme of First Kings? Division
What is the timeframe of the Divided Kingdom? 930-586 B.C.
What year was the Temple completed? 959 B.C.
What events aided the growing discontent with David’s kingdom Amnon’s rape of Tamar, Absalom’s rebellion, Sheba’s rebellion
What northern king bought a hill and built a new capital of Israel Omri
Who is considered the most wicked woman in the Bible Jezebel
Who was the first king of the Northern Kingdom of Israel Jeroboam I
Who was the first king of the Southern Kingdom of Judah Rehoboam
Whose ministry was the bases for the office of prophet Elijah
What is the theme of Second Kings Captivity
What is the timeframe of the Surviving Kingdom 722-586 B.C.
What year was the northern kingdom of Israel taken away into captivity 722 B.C.
What year was the southern kingdom of Judah taken away into captivity 586 B.C.
Who captured the northern capital after a siege of three years Shalmaneser
What empire conquered Israel and took them into captivity Assyria
What empire conquered Judah and took them into captivity Babylon
What is the theme of Ezra Temple
What is the timeframe of the Restoration 536-400
What is the theme of Job Sovereignty
Why do the righteous suffer Foolishnees,selfishness; chastisement; teach of seriousness of sin; Demonstrations of God’s strength; validate messages importance; strengthen faith; to show believer’s faith.
What is the theme of Psalms Worship
What is worship Response, Relationship, Rejoicing, Rethinking & Recharges.
How is fear related to wisdom Fear is a balanced and healthy interwoven (awe, respect, and fright)
What book provides us with practical guidelines for living Proverbs
What is the theme of Proverbs Wisdom
What is the purpose of life according to Ecclesiastes Fear God and obey Him.
What is the theme of Ecclesiastes Meaningless
Who wrote the book of Ecclesiastes Solomon
What is the theme of Song of Songs Love
Who wrote the book of Song of Songs Solomon
What are the four different approaches to interpreting Song of Songs Allergorical, Typological, Dramatic, Lyrical
What is a prophet Divinely appointed spokesperson for God
What does Messiah mean Anointed in Hebrew; Messiah and Christ same in different languages; prophet-priest- king, the three positions of authority that was anointed with oil.
What is the legitimacy test for a biblical prophet Is there a divine calling & Is the message of the potential prophet call to repent of sins, foretelling test of credibility, and foretelling fulfilled.
What is the meaning of the “Day of the Lord” The wicked are punished and the righteous will be rewarded
What are the four servant songs of Isaiah 42:1-9 - The Call; Isaiah 49:1-13 The Commission; Isaiah 50:4-11 - The Commitment; Isaiah 52:13-53:12 - The Career/
What is the summary of true religion Justice, mercy, and humility
What is Habakkuk 2:4 “See, he is puffed up;his desires are not uprightbut the righteous will live by his faith.”
What are the symbolic actions of Jeremiah Linen waistcloth, Potter, Broken flask, Two baskets of figs, Wooden yoke, Confrontation, Purchase of a field
Who wrote Lamentations Jeremiah
What is the poetry of this book Acrostics
How is Hosea’s marriage related to the prophecy Adulterous Marriage, divorce, and restoration is like God and Israel’s adulterous marriage through idolatry, divorce through exile, and restoration by the remnant
Who are the Edomites Descendants of Esau; Jacob and Esau fought growing up and so did their descendants
What book of prophecy is written as a funeral song of doom Obadiah
What is Nineveh The capital city of the Assyrian empire
What is the theme of Ezekiel Future Restoration
What is Babylon Commercial center of the Babylonian Empire; spiritual Babylon is the symbol of wickedness
What is the theme of Daniel God’s Program
What are the seventy-seven weeks of prophecy The remaining history of Israel lasts 70 weeks (490 years)
What are the eight visions of Zechariah Horseman, Horns and craftsman, Man with ruler, Joshua and Satan, Lampstand and Olive trees, Flying Scroll, Woman in basket, Four chariots
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