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The worst economic disaster that impacted all nations Great Depression
This blamed Germany for the war and it made them pay back billions Treaty of Versailles
The country that got blamed for WWI Germany
What were 3 things that Germany had to do under the Treaty of Versailles Pay 33 billion, give back land, demilitarize
When there is strict censorship, one leader, strong military, extreme nationalism Fascism
What country did Japan invade? China
Why did Japan invade China? They needed natural resources
What was the Nanking massacre? When Japanese killed 40,000- 60,000 Chinese people
What caused the start of WWII? Germany invaded Poland
What was Blitzkrieg? Lightning war where you attack from multiple sides
When you give in to whatever the aggressor wants out of fear that if you punish them it would make the situation worse is called? Appeasement
What were the Nuremberg trials? When Nazi's were sentenced for war crimes
What happened at Heroshima & Nagasaki? Two Japanese cities that were destroyed by the Atomic Bomb
What was the Holocaust? When the Nazi's killed millions of jews
What is Militarism? The building of weapons, and armies
Define Alliances Countries or people that will support you
Define Nationalism Strong pride in your country
Define Imperialism When one country takes over another
How did the Great Depression begin? The stock market crashed
What was the Manhattan project? When America developed the Atomic Bomb
Why was the Atomic bombed dropped on Japan? To end the war quickly and to stop any more soldiers from dying
Why did Hitler come into power? The Great Depression, The Treaty of Versailles, Germany had no money or hope
What is a scapegoat? When you blame someone or something when it's not their fault
What group was used as a scapegoat for Germany's problems? Jews
What organization was created at to solve world problems and have peace in the world? League of Nations
What event ended WWII? Atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima & Nagasaki
Why did the U.S. not join the league of Nations? They wanted to follow a policy of isolation and neutrality
Why was the league of Nation weak and ineffective? It did not have the support or backing of many nations
What new organization was created to replace the League of Nations? The United Nations
Who was the leader of Germany during WWII? Hitler
Who was the leader of Italy during WWII? Mussolini
Who was the leader of Japan during WWII? Hirohito
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