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Hinduism Quiz

Terms on Hinduism

Aryans ancient, indigenous people from Indus Valley Civilization. Cow herders. "Noble Ones"
Vedas Aryan scriptures Hindus trace history from. Timeless, eternal "Knowledge" first told orally Rig Veda - Oldest veda
Deva meaning "god" powers that create life and growth
Agni God of spiritual sacrifice (fire) accepts offerings and transports them to realm of the Gods
Atman Breath, soul
Sacrifice of Purusha sustaining the world and universe w/ this hymn
Upanishads inner, mystic teaching Passed from teacher to disciple "to sit at the feet of teacher"
Samsara endless round of birth and death, and rebirth
Karma "action" Law that every action has effect
Bhrahman The ONE ultimate reality or power
Shruti that which is "heard" by the sages eternal revelation of truth ex. Upanishads, Vedas, Bhrahmanas
maya divine creative magic
Smirti that which is "remembered" new writings during classical period Ex. Yoga Sutras, Dharmasutras, Dharmashastras, Bhagavad Gita
yoga "yoke" or discipline, withdrawing from the world technique for liberation from bodily existence
Epic/Classical Period 400BCE - 400CE unification and consolidation of Hinduism
Dharma eternal order of everything
Bhagavad Gita convo between Krishna and Arjuna concise guide to Hindu philosophy
Krisna incarnation of Vishnu
Shiva Half male/half female destroyer
lingam male part
yoni femal part
bhakti devotion to one's God focus of the Gita
Avatara incarnation
Puja worship of divine images
Purana ancient stories describing various Gods and devotion to them
3 paths (in Hindu) jnana marga karma marga bhakti marga
jnana marga path of knowledge
karma marga path of duties
bhakti marga path of devotion to God
gopis group of cow herd girls known for devotion to Krishna
Kali Goddess of time and change
darshana ritual "seeing" of the God produces intense feelings of being united with divine
Holi spring festival
Durja Puja fall festival, good over evil
samnyasin renouncing the world in search of moksha alone
samadhi meditative trance culmination, highest level
lila activities of God and his devotees
Ramakrishna Hindu who revitalized Hinduism Incorporating western ideas Ultimate reality can be found through any worship tradition
jati birth CASTE divisions thousands - occupational
varna color CLASS divisions 4 - brahmans (priests), kshatriyas (noble, soldiers), viashyas(farmers), shudas (servants)
ashramas stages of life
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