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Roman Army

Mr. B - Roman Army Quiz 7.6

legion an infantry unit consisting of 4,800 heavily armed soldiers (10 cohorts)
cohort unit consisting of 10 centuries or 480 men
century a unit of 80 soldiers commanded by a centurion, equivalent of a master sergeant in a modern army
centurion a professional officer of the Roman army., who commanding a unit of 80 men
decimate Term derived from the Roman Army's harsh punishment for mutiny or cowardice, where every 10th man was executed.
legionarie Roman heavy armed foot soldier who was a Roman citizen
auxiliary Roman soldier who was not a Roman citizen
galea Roman steel helmet with protective face and neck guards. Officers wore colored horse hair plumes to distinguish them in battle
lorica segmentata a type of laminated armor (metal strips layered & fashioned into circular bands) that provided flexibility and maximum protection for the torso and shoulders
pilum Roman short-range throwing javelin; made of heavy wood and an iron shaft that bent on impact with an enemy's shield
gladius double-edged short sword that was the Romans' primary weapon
scutum Roman curved shield that covered a soldier from neck to feet
tortuda protective "tortoise" formation where soldiers overlapped their shields
25 years of service required to retire with land or a pension
17 minimum age to join the Roman Army
ballista large wooden crossbow-type weapon that fired large metal bolts or round stone balls
Praetorian Guard Roman Legionairies who were the Emperor's personal bodyguard. They wore purple capes.
mercenary a soldier who fights only for pay
Scipio Africanus Roman general who conquered Carthage
20 miles a day's march for a Roman soldier (Roman mile was 1000 paces)
catapult Device used to throw or hurl a projectile a great distance without explosives. — from the Latin word meaning "downwards" "to toss, to hurl"
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