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Heresy quiz

1. Jesus is only god; denied the Son of God taking on human flesh. believed material reality is evil and didn't trust pope or bishops; during the 2nd century 2. secret knowledge was transmitted by Christ to the Apostles Gnosticisim
Why did Gnostics think that salvation was secret knowledge? because of "mystery of faith"
Who was the main player who supported Gnosticism? Valentinus
Who was against Gnosticism and advocated the Church's teachings? St. Irenaus, wrote Against the Heresies
What ecumenical council dispelled Gnosticism? Council of Nicea
What did the Council of Nicea argue abt Gnosticism? Salvation is for everyone and Jesus is both human and divine.
What part of the Nicene Creed supports the Church's argument on Gnosticism? "for us men and our salvation" "Incarnate of the Virgin Mary, he became man"
denied Jesus' divinity; believed Jesus Christ was God's greatest creation; he was neither true God or true man, he was unlike the substance and nature of the Father also unlike man he had no soul Arianism
Who was the main player of Arianism? Arius, a priest from Alexandria.
Who went against Arianism and advocated the Church's teachings? Athanasius
What ecumenical council dispelled Arianism? Council of Nicea at 325
What did the Council of Nicea argue against Arianism? Jesus is consubstantial with the Father, and possess the same nature as God the Father
What part of the Nicene Creed supports the Church's argument on Arianism? "True God from true God, begotten, not made consubstantial with the father."
one being two complete natures: divine and human that contradict each other, believed Jesus had a human body but no human soul. He only had a divine soul, and never took on a human soul. during 4th century Apollinarianism
Who was the main player of Apollonarianism? Apollinaris, bishop of Laodicea
What ecumenical council dispelled Apollonarianism? the first Council of Constantinople in 381
What did the Council of Constantinople argue against Apollonarianism? Jesus was fully man and fully God
What part of the Nicene Creed supports the Church's argument on Apollonarianism? "Incarnate of the Virgin Mary and became man"
distinctions between the human and divine nature of Christ separating the two persons, denied Mary of the title 'theotokos' means god-bearer and claimed that she only gave birth to human Jesus. during fifth century Nestorianism
Who was the main player of Nestorianism? Nestorius, the patriarch of Constantinople
What ecumenical council dispelled Nestorianism? the Council of Ephesus in 431
What did the Council of Ephesus argue against Nestorianism? stated that Jesus is one person with two natures, fully human and fully divine and that Mary gave birth to God incarnate
What part of the Nicene Creed supports the Church's argument on Nesotrianism? Mary: "Incarnate of the Virgin Mary and became man" Jesus: ^ or "Consubstantial with the Father"
a single essence or nature claimed that Christ was both human and divine but his human nature was absorbed by his divine nature, he was completely divine monophysitism
Who was the main player of Monophysitism? eastern monks and theoligians
What ecumenical council dispelled Monophysitism? Council of Chalcedon in 451
What did the Council of Chalcedon argue against Monophysitism? Jesus is One Divine person with two natures: human and divine
What part of the Nicene Creed supports the Church's argument on Monophsitism? "Incarnate of the Virgin Mary and became man"
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