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Africa Civilizations

EL WH Chapter 10 - Kingdoms, Environments, Mansa Musa

Environment Area around, natural world - made up of different geography and climates
Vegetation Plants , grass, trees and bushes
Savanna A large part of Africa, an area with grass and small trees
Rainforest An area with lots of rain and plants, lots of trees grow there
Slash and Burn When you cut all the plants and burn them, so you can farm, deforestation
Ethnic Group A group of people that share the same culture, many Americans belong to many different ethnic groups.
River Basin A large area that includes the major river there
Tributaries Small rivers connected to a large river creating a river basin
Niger River Important river in West Africa
Mortar A special type of cement, it's like a glue and keeps bricks together when building.
Vassals Nobles, rich people in the feudal system they usually controlled land for the king.
Intermediaries Middlemen, traders
Swahili A new culture and language, when Arab and African cultures mixed
Kingdom An area of land that a king is in control of
Merchant Businessmen, a person who trades goods
Berbers African nomads that lived in the desert, they took camel caravans across the desert
Scholar A person who is very educated and continues to learn. Found in many Islamic cities, these are smart, educated teachers
Rebel Protestor, someone who refuses to agree and fights against something
Axum Kingdom of East Africa in modern day Ethiopia. King Ezana made Christianity the official religion of this Kingdom
Ghana 1st Kingdom in West Africa. Called the "Kingdom of Gold" for its gold fields and trade network.
Mansa Musa King of Mali. Took 60,000 people and 80 camels on a pilgrimage to Makkah.
Timbuktu Important trading city in West Africa. Home to the Djenne Mosque.
Gold and Salt Important trading goods of west Africa
Zimbabwe Also means "great stone houses" . They had great walls, palaces, and forts made from stone.
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