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Ch 06 A Terms

Acquiring Medical Language

blepharitis eyelid inflammation
blepharoconjuctivitis inflammation of the eyelid and conjunctiva
dacrocystitis inflammation of the tear sac
dacryoadenitis inflammation of the tear gland
dacrohemorrhea discharge of blood in tears
dacryolithiasis a presence of hard formations (stones) in the tear duct
dacryostenosis narrowing of the tear duct
oculomycosis fungal eye condition
oculopathy eye disease
opthalmatrophy atrophy (wasting away) of the eye
opthalmitis inflammation of th eeye
opthalmyomycosis fungal eye condition
opthalmomytis inflammation of the eye muscles
opthalmopathy eye disease
trickiasis condition caused by eyelashes growing backward and coming in contact with the eye
conjunctivitis inflammation of the conjunctiva (also known as pink eye)
keratitis inflammation of the cornea
keratopathy disease of the cornea
sclerectasia over expansion of the sclera
scleroiritis inflammation of the sclera and iris
sclerokeratitis inflammation of the sclera and cornea
sclerokeratoiritis inflammation of the sclera, cornea and iris
aniridia absence of an iris
aphakia absence of a lens
cataract opacity (cloudiness) of the lens of the eye
corneal abrasion scratch on the cornea
cyclokeratitis inflammation of the ciliary body and cornea
endophtalmitis inflammation of the inside of the eye (often a complication from intraocular surgery)
iridemia bleeding from the iris
iridocyclitis inflammation of the iris and ciliary body
iridokeratitis inflammation of the iris and cornea
iridopathy disease of the iris
iritis inflammation of the iris
optic neuritis inflammation of the optic nerve
phakitis inflammation of the lensretinitis
retinitis inflammation of the retina
retinopathy inflammation of the retina
retinosis retinal condition
cerumen impaction buildup of ear wax blocking the ear canal
mastoiditis inflammation of the mastoid
otitis externa inflammation of the outer ear
otomycosis fungal ear infection
aerotitas inflammation of the ear caused by air
conductive hearing loss hearing loss caused by sound not getting to the middle ear (due to blockages)
myringitis inflammation of the eardrum
myringodermatitis inflammation of the eardrum and the surrounding skin
myringomycosis fungal condition of the eardrum
otitis media inflammation of the middle ear
otosclerosis hearing loss caused by hardening of the bones of the middle ear
rhinosalpingitis inflammation of the nose and eustachian tibed
acoustic neuroma tumor on the acoustic nerve
cochleitis inflammation of the cochlea
labyrnthitis inflammation of the labrinth
sensorineural hearing loss hearing loss caused by sound not being transmitted from the inner ear to the brain
vestibular neuritis inflammation of the vestibular nerve
vestibulitis inflammation of the vestibule
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