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Adult Ezekiel 1-48

Important People and Places

Aholah [Samaria] her own tent or tabernacle
Aholibah [Jerusalem] my tent is in her
Arvad An island 2 or 3 miles off the Phoenician
Chebar A River of Chaldea where the prophet Ezekiel first received his visions from God
Cherub Flying creatures which seemed to have been used as guards in the Old Testament
Chilmad A region probably between Assyria and Arabia which traded with Tyre
Chittim Refers to Cyprus and islands of the Greeks in the Mediterranean
Chub The name of a people who were in alliance with Egypt against Nebuchadnezzar around 610 BC
Gebal A city of the Gibbites
Homongog (Multitude of Gog) the name given by Ezekiel to the valley in which the slaughtered army of Gog are to be buried
Hazar-enan A town listed on the northern border O Israel
Hazar-Hattticon Named in Ezekiel's prophecy as the ultimate boundaries of the land
Hethlon (hiding place) the name of a place on the northern border of palestine
Idumea Greek of form of Edom
Jaazaniah A wicked prince of Judah
Jehaval-Shammah The name given by the prophet Ezekiel to the new Jerusalem as seen in the vision
Minnith Ammonite city east of Jordan noted for its wheat
Nebuchadnezzar [The slayer], King of Babylon
Pathros The name of upper Egypt as distinguished from Matsor or lower Egypt
Pibeseth A town in lower Egypt which is about 45 miles northeast of Cairo
Senir The mountain between Amanah and Hermon, at the northeast of Jordan
Syene A town in the south of Egypt towards Ethiopia
Telabib A Hill on the River Chebar, Where Ezekiel stayed with the Jewish exiles for a week
Watchman One who looks out or sees from a height
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