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Takeshi's Castle

Challenge Week #1

Dynasty A family bloodline that rules somewhere
Mandate of Heaven The Blessing of Heaven
Great Wall of China A wall that was constructed to protect from Raiders
Mausoleum A place that contains many tombs
Legalism Doing what is best for your people
Emperor A powerful leader/ruler of a territory
Corruption When a powerful person does things for their own gain
Confucianism A religion that believes humans are good or can be taught to be good
Taoism A religion where people are encouraged to live in peace with the Tao
Terracotta Army The Clay army created to protect Qin Shi Huang in the afterlife
Sentence Structure The Kinds and number of clauses a sentence has
Independent Clause A clause with a complete thought Subject, Verb, Complete Thought
Dependent Clause A clause without a complete thought Relative Pronouns, Subordinating Conjunctions
Simple Sentence 1 Independent Clause
Compound Sentence 2 or more Independent Clauses + FANBOYS
Complex Sentence 1 Independent Clause + 1 Dependent Clause
Compound Complex Sentence 2 Independent Clauses + 1 Dependent Clause
Conjunctions A part of speech that combines things ( How you connect clauses and sentences together)
SWABI Since, When, After, Because, If
THAMOS Therefore, However, Also/As a matter of fact, Meanwhile, Otherwise
FANBOYS For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So
Relative Pronouns That, Which, Who, Whom, Whose
Subordinating Conjunctions If, When, Because, Since
Zhou (Joe) They created the mandate of heaven to support the rule of their emperors, and overthrow the Shang Dynasty
Qin (Chin) They Began the Great Wall of China, and Built the Terracotta warriors
Han They began the Silk Road
Sui (say) They built the Grand Canal
Tang This time was the Golden Age of Art
Song This dynasty invented the magnetic compass
Yuan During this dynasty China was ruled by the Mongols
Ming This dynasty built the Forbidden City
Qing (Ching) This dynasty was the last dynasty
Clause A group of words with a subject and verb, May or may not have a complete thought
Created by: Landen Dantzer