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Chapter 15


haciendas a large plantation
nationalization takeover of property or resource by the government
economic nationalism an emphasis on domestic control and protection of the economy
cultural nationalism pride in one's country's culture
Good Neighbor Policy policy in which American President Franklin Roosevelt promised that the U.S. would interfere LESS in Latin American affairs
apartheid a policy of rigid segregation of non-white people in the Republic of South Africa
Pan-Africanism Movement which began in the 1920s that emphasized the unity and strength of Africans and people of African decent around the world
negritude movement movement in which writers and artists of African decent expressed pride in their African Heritage
Asia Minor The Turkish peninsula between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea
Pan-Arabism Movement in which Arabs sought to unite all Arabs into one state
Balfour Declaration Statement issued by the British government in 1917 supporting the establishment of a homeland for the Jewish people in Palestine
Amritsar Massacre an incident in 1919 in which British troops fired on an unarmed crowd of Indians
ahimsa Hindu belief in nonviolence and reverence for all life
civil disobedience a refusal to obey unjust laws
untouchables In India, a member of the lowest caste in society
boycott refuse to buy
Twenty-one demands list of demands given to China by Japan in 1915 that, if agreed to, would have made China a protectorate of Japan.
May Fourth Movement cultural movement in China that sought to reform China and make it stronger
vanguard group of elite leaders
Guomindang Nationalist party; active in China 1912 to 1949
Long March epic march in which a group of Chinese communists retreated from Guomindang forces by marching over 6000 miles
Hirohito Emperor of Japan from 1926 to 1989; pledged "to preserve world peace and benefit the welfare of the human race"
ultranationalist extreme nationalist
Manchuria Historical province in Northern China; rich in natural resources
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