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Chapter 13 Vocab

Highlighted centered attention on
extraterritoriality living in a section of a country set aside for foreigners but not subject to the hoest country's laws
self-strengthening a policy promoted by reformers toward the end of the Qing dynasty under which China would adopt western technology while keeping its Confucian values and institutions
spheres of influence areas in which foreign powers have been grantedt exclusive rights and privileges, such as trading and mining rights
exclusive limited to a single individual or group
open door policy a policy, proposed by U.S. secretary of state John Hay in 1899, that stated all powers with spheres of influence in China would respect equal trading opportunities with China and not set tariffs giving an unfair advantage to the citizens of their own coun
Indemnity payment for damages
provincial local
phase a part in the development cycle
motive a reason to take action
commodities agricultural, mined, and mass-produced marketable goods
concession a political compromise
prefecture in the Japanese Meji Restoration, a territory governed by its former daiymo lord
subsidy a government payment to encourage or protect a certain economic activity
context the circumstances surrounding a situation or event
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