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Heald med term study

Combining forms

bad, difficult, painful dys-
excessive, increased hyper-
liver hepat/o
pain, suffering -algia
surgical removal -ectomy
abnormal condition -osis
abnormal softening -malacia
inflammation -itis
tissue death -necrosis
bleeding, bursting forth -rrhage
surgical creation of an opening -ostomy
surgical incision -otomy
surgical repair -plasty
surgical suturing -rrhaphy
visual examination -scopy
rupture -rrhexis
abnormal narrowing -stenosis
abnormal hardening -sclerosis
flow or discharge -rrhea
abnormal stomach condition gastrosis
pertaining to the heart cardiac
rupture of a muscle myorrhexis
stomach pain gastralgia
surgical muscle repair myoplasty
neo- new
arteri/o artery
arthr/o joint
cardi/o heart
nat/o birth
neur/o nerve
rhin/o nose
crown, coronary cephal/o
fat adip/o
gland aden/o
constant home/o
relating to the head coron/o
within endo-
above epi-
cell cyt/o
out of exo-
tissue hist/o
pertaining to -ac
control -stasis
disease, suffering and emotion path/o
formative material of cells -plasm
behind retro-
gastr/o stomach
laryng/o larynx
my/o muscle
nephr/o kidney
hump kyph/o
cartilage chondr/o
crooked, bent, or stiff ankyl/o
joint arthr/o
cranium, skull crani/o
rib cost/o
spinal cord, bone marrow myel/o
surgical fixation of bone or joint -desis
vertebra, vertebrae spondyl/o
curved scoli/o
bent backward lord/o
synovial membrane synovi/o
bone oste/o
poly- many
movement, motion kinesi/o
hernia, swelling -cele
fibrous connective tissue fibr/o
fascia fasci/o
condition, state of -ia
tone, tension, stretching ton/o
tendon tend/o
rupture -rrhexis
cross-wise oblique
ring-like sphincter
slanted at an angle lateralis
straight rectus
toward the side transverse
white leuk/o
vein phleb/o
fast, rapid tachy-
clot thromb/o
blood, relating to blood hem/o
aorta aort/o
artery arteri/o
plaque, fatty substance ather/o
relating to blood or lymph vessels angi/o
slow brady-
blood or blood condition -emia
crown, coronary coron/o
heart cardi/o
red erythr/o
vein ven/o
CAD computer assisted diagnoses
CHF Congestive Heart Failure
MI Myocardial Infarction
lymph node lymphaden/o
lymph vessel lymphangi/o
eat, swallow phag/o
cancer carcin/o
poison tox/o
spleen splen/o
adenoids adenoid/o
tonsils tonsill/o
thymus thym/o
enlargement -ectasis
voice box laryng/o
carries air into the lungs bronch/o
blue cyan/o
incomplete atel/o
lung pneum/o
oxygen ox/o
multilayered membrane pleur/o
throat pharyng/o
voice or sound phon/o
windpipe trache/o
rapid -tachy
lung plumon/o
chest -thorax
breathing -pnea
COPD Chronic obstructive Pulmanary Disease
SIDS Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
URI Upper respitory infection
SARS Severe accute respitory syndrome
epiglottis epiglott/o
anus an/o
bile, gall chol/o
large intestine col/o
cecum cec/o
small intestine enter/o
stomach gastr/o
liver hepat/o
gallbladder cholecyst/o
esophagus esophag/o
presence of stones -lithiasis
anus and rectum proct/o
sigmoid colon sigmoid/o
digestion pepsia
pancreas pancreat/o
rectum rect/o
bladder cyst/o
glomerulus glomerul/o
hernia, tumor, cyct -cele
kidney nephr/o
stone, calculus lith/o
setting free, seperation -lysis
surgical fixation -pexy
renal pelvis, bowl of kidney pyel/o
droop, sag -ptosis
to crush -tripsy
urination, urine -uria
ureter ureter/o
urethra urethr/o
complete, through dia-
enlargement, strecthing -ectasis
brain encephal/o
bruise contus/o
shaken together concuss/o
sound ech/o
to walk ambul/o
to steal klept/o
spinal cord myel/o
head cephal/o
abnormal fear -phobia
mind psych/o
nerve neur/o
sleep narc/o
stupor somn/o
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