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Unit 7 E/R

Enlightenment and revolution

Absolute Ruler Someone who has full control of power with little to no limitation
Divine rights The ruler was "chosen" by God to rule the land
King Louis XIV Louis was a king with absolute power and created the Palace of Versailles
Ivan The Terrible A person who claim to have divine rights and held the orthodox christian church to a high degree. Also made a caste system
Peter the Great Reformed Russia by making Russia more western and helped Russia.
King George III Taxed the Americas too much and gave no representation to them to the point the it created the american revolution
Charles I Broke the rules of the Magna Carta and took the rights of the Parliament of the purse
The English Civil War Civil war which against King Charles vs. the parliament. The Parliament won.
The Roundheads Kings Charles Forces
The Cavaliers Parliament Forces
The Restoration of the Monarch The restoration gave the title king to his heir James II
The Glorious Revolution James protestant daughter Mary II and husband William take the throne
The English Bill of Rights The Bill creates separation of powers, limits the powers of the king and queen, enhances the democratic election and bolsters freedom of speech.
Thomas Hobbes Created the book the leviathan
The Leviathan Says if theirs no one to control the power then everyone goes to anarchy
John Locke created two treaties of government
Two treaties on Government until concluding that no government can be justified by an appeal to the divine right of kings.
Baron De Montesquieu created the spirit of of laws
"In the Spirit of Laws" claimed the best type of government is one with three powers. legislative, executive, and judicial powers
Jean-jacques Rousseau created the social contract
"The Social Contract" government should be direct democracy and everyone is equal
Voltaire An enlightenment thinker who believed in liberal ideas
The American Revolution A Revolution to be free from Britain
The French Revolution A war in which France reform multiple times
The Storming of the Bastille Citizens went to get siege weapons from prisons and Louis agreed to have a limited monarchy
Louis XVI The King Of France who caused chaos in france due to his spendings
The Reign of Terror Killed innocent people by calling them traitor and making the citizens fear
Maximilian Robespierre The Head of the National Convention the same people who overthrew the king of France
Napoleon The military general who seized power in France
Napoleon code a law that declared everyone equal under the law and no one who has a certain title has special privilege.
Created by: Chris2020