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Coloniz of Africa

Colonization of Africa

What was the term for the rush into Africa by European powers starting in the 1880's to gain control of colonies and resources? Scramble for Africa
Which two groups fought in the brutal civil wars and massacres in Rwanda? Hutu and Tutsi
What is the term that refers to a settlement set up by a country outside its borders? Colonialism
What does the word "Swahili" mean in Arabic? "along the coast"
Which two countries remained independent in Africa during colonialism? Liberia and Ethiopia
The Triangle Trade refers to the route where slaves were sold and exchanged as cargo for raw materials in the colonies. Which continents were part of this trade route? North America, South America, Africa, and Europe
What historical time period caused the increased in the production of manufactured goods in Europe and America which caused an increase in the need for raw materials from Africa? Industrial Revolution
Which group of Europeans was the first to create trading posts on the coast of Africa as they were looking for a route to India? Portuguese
What are the 3 G's of European Contact? Gold, God (Gospel), and Glory
What was the Berlin Conference of 1884 - 1885? European countries meeting to claim the African land they wanted for themselves (setting up colonies)
Created by: darcymcfarlane