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human geo test 2

Culture is transmitted by imitation, instuction, and __________. Example.
What is the most important transmitter of culture ? Language.
True or False : Trait is the largest item of culture. False; It's the smallest.
Define culture realm. A composite region summarizing the spatial association of a number of culture traits.
What says that physical enviornment only shapes culture ? Enviornmental determinism.
Define possiblism ? The viewpoint that humans are the active agents in shaping culture.
True or False : The culture landscape is the Earth's surface modified by human action. True.
What is the Pleistoscene Overkill ? 10,000 years ago the sudden disappearence of whole species of animals.
What caused the Chaco Canyon desolation? Deforestation.
What happens to the form of government as the scale increases ? The more formal the gonvernment gets.
What significance did the Neolithic era have ? The creation of tools and technologies that helped humans go from hunter gathers to agriculture.
True or False : the Agriculture revolution is more than a revolution then a evolution False : More of an evolution than a revolution.
What is Multilinear Evolution ? Happens when unconnected culture hearths display comparable characteristics.
What are two indicators of civilization ? Writing, Metallurgy, Astronomy, Government, urbanization, etc.
Whats does cultural convergence imply ? That the world populations increasinly share common technologies.
Define Ideological. Consists of idea's, beliefs, and knowledge of a culture.
True or False : Sociological subsystems is the interlocking nature of all aspects of a culture. False; It has to do with interpersonal and group behaviors.
Give an example of Sociological subsystems. Schools, religions, governments.
What is cultural integration ? The interlocking nature of all aspects of a culture.
What is innovation ? When a changes as a result of ideas developed within the social group itself.
What is synonomis with innovation? invention.
Define culture lag. When a social group is unresponsive to a useful innovation.
Give an example of contagious diffustion. Flus, diseases.
True or False : Hierarchial diffusion spreads to less prominent people, and then to more prominent. False: Visa Versa.
Give an example of stimulus diffusion. Charokee language.
Define acculturation. When an immigrant population takes on the values, attitudes, customs and speech of a receiving society.
Define Sycretism. The forming of a new trait by fusion of two different parent traits.
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