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SCA #3-2018

SCA #3(English)

How did the crusades helped shape the discovery of ideas of science? Crusaders came back with new science ideas & techniques from foreign lands
What was the first European nation that explored sea routes to India and later China? The nation of Portugal
What gain did the European explorers have by finding a sea route to India and later China? To develop sea trade and make profit (money)
What allowed the Roman people to participate in the Roman government? They voted for representations and on issues
For how many years did the Eastern Roman Empire survived after the Western Roman Empire fell to the barbarians tribes of the west? It last for 1000 years
Why was the new Eastern Roman Empire selected to be at Constantinople by Emperor Constantine? It was a good location and it was hard for enemies to attack it
Who was in charge of the Eastern Byzantine Orthodox Church in the Eastern Roman Empire? The Emperor which also considered himself the pope
Germanic tribes overrunning the Empire, Political control from emperors, tax increases from goods are reasons why what empire that fell in Rome? The Western Roman Empire
What power did the Magna Carta do to the king? It limited the king authority and the noble had more rights
When Kings gave lords (European nobles or barons) land, what power did they have? To tax the people in the land and the farmers worked the land for them
What was the political, social, and economy system of the Middle Ages called? Feudal system or Feudalism system
What happened to Charlemagne's empire in Europe once he died? The lords or kings took over his lands
What 2 ideas made kings, nobles, knights, and especially serfs (Merchants) join the crusades in the Middle Ages? Religion and money (profit)
What did the crusades do for the west and east during the Middle Ages? It created more trade profit and personal contact
What were new places of learning were established during the Renaissance Period? Colleges or universities from towns or cities
Why did Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne as Holy Roman Emperor of Europe? To fight against the Eastern Roman Empire and be the only Holy Roman Emperor
What did the Silk road traders spread that they didn't know they were carrying until they reached the Middle East & Europe? The "Black Plague" or Black Death from fleas on rats
The Black Plague or Black Death was spread to people by what thing? Fleas from rats
The Black Plague killed many people during the Middle Ages, what else also killed many people during the time of the Middle Ages? Famine (hunger), terrible weather, and wars
What type of culture was brought by Alexander the Great that was a mixture of Greek culture and Indian culture combined? The Hellenistic Culture from Macedonia
In the Roman government, who made Roman laws that was voted by the elected representatives of the people? The Congress of Rome
How did the Great Schism hurt the Roman Catholic Church during the Middle Ages? It split the rule who is the ruler of the church: the pope in the west and emperor to the east of the Roman Empire
Why did Spain and Portugal wanted to spread Christianity to the New World and other lands the conquered? To fight against the Muslims of the Islam religion
When did the split or breakup of new religions started to happen in the Roman Catholic Church? During the Age of Enlightment
The astronomer Galileo thought that Copernicus ideas on the solar system were correct, what other astronomer before Galileo thought the same thing ? Kepler
What new inventions were created during the time of of the Age of Discovery? The Printing Press, Microscope, Compass, Telescope, Barometer, Thermometer were invented
Mother countries would rely on exports, raw materials, and gold for what main reason for their countries? To establish mercantilism for colonies
What two ages occurred during the Scientific Revolution in Europe during The Renaissance? The Age of Reason (Scientific Method) & Age of Enlightenment (Split in the Roman Catholic Church)
What theory was created from Martin Luther idea about "faith"? A person is good by their belief "FAITH" in GOD/JESUS.
The following ideas contributed to what: (More people reading, Ideas from the crusades experiences, & questioning the Church thought or ideas.) What method did this started? It started the "Scientific Method"
The ideas that Martin Luther posted on church doors lead to what from the Roman Catholic Church? It cause the Protestant Reformation to occur and the Roman Catholic Church to have opposition against it
What Prince of Portugal helped start the exploration of the seas and was also given the name the "Navigator"? Prince Henry or Henry the Navigator
What are tariffs used for on foreign exports? Taxes on goods that enter a nation
The 24-year journey of Marco Polo took him more than 24,000 miles though the bleak deserts, rugged mountains of the Middle East and Asia, what land traveled to reach? China
During the Scientific Revolution, what graph was agreed by Copernicus that used what another scientist ideas? The scientist Copernicus agreed with Kepler's ideas of circular motion
Created by: vacosta