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Rome Rise to Fall

AR 3 Rise, Fall, Entertainment, Engineering

A 200-year period of peace during the Roman Empire. Pax Romana
A statium built for holding the gladiator games - a series of violent competitions ending in death for the losers. Colosseum
This emperor decided the empire was too big to rule, so he divided it in half. Dioclecian
Foreign tribes (Visogoths, Vandals, Huns, Ostrogoths) that invaded the Romans were called... barbarians
These were used to carry water from lakes and reservoirs into the city. aqueducts
The Romans were the first to use this binding agent, which enabled them to construct enormous buildings and temples. concrete
The Romans used this building technique in most bridges, aquaducts, temples and statiums. arches
Slave-holding created widespread unemployment. Rome had to provide support to the poor. This support is known as ... welfare
He was the first emperor of Rome. Augustus
He appointed himself dictator for life and was murdered a few years later. Julius Caesar
Created by: chambrook